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Chapter 1 - sunday (part 1)

On Sunday morning, I woke up late. I was lazy and stayed in bed. I thought about what to do next, what I will do today. After a while, I decided to skip breakfast and go straight to Giancarlo for lunch. I did my morning toilet and got dressed. Because I decided to go to Giancarlo and win his special offer, I took a wide trouser and a wide shirt. Everything was a bit loose, so that I tied up my belly and I buckled my belt into the first hole.
When I entered the restaurant, Giancarlo greeted me and when I told him, I will take his special offer he hugged me warmly and led me in the middle of the room. There was a square rostrum and a round table on top with and recliner. He told me to sit down and he himself will serve me.
“Just wait and see, Mr. Johnson.” While he disappeared in the kitchen to prepare everything, I looked around. In one corner of the restaurant, I saw a couple. He was tall and looked like skin and bones, but his wife was a very big and beautiful woman. Two tables next was another couple seated. An elder handsome man and a younger chubby man besides him. Maybe they are gay, I thought. Suddenly Giancarlo stood in front of me. He put a bottle of red wine on the table and poured some wine into a glass. While I sipped on the glass, he came back with a big plate of Antipasti and garlic bread.
“Have fun and enjoy your meal.” I dig in with abandon and soon I had polished off everything. I washed down the Antipasti with red wine. I didn’t notice that Giancarlo stood beside me and served the next meal: Lasagna. I was happy that I had skipped breakfast because the portions were quite big. But I was confident that I will manage to eat all five plates. When I was done, Giancarlo served a big plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. While stuffing myself, I felt my belly expanding. I had to loosen my belt to give him more room. The next meal was a big Pizza with Salami, Ham and mushrooms. All covered with a thick layer of cheese. Soon, I struggled to eat up. I felt the pressure in my stomach and I noticed that my wide clothes got quite snug. I buckled the belt into the last notch. Finally, I was done, but I needed a break. I also felt a little bit drunk and dizzy because I washed down every meal with a glass of red wine. Now, the bottle was empty. Proudly I lean back and my swollen belly sticks far out. I had eaten four big plates and waited for dessert now. But Giancarlo didn’t serve it. So I had time to look around. The two couples I had seen when I entered the restaurant were still here. I saw them watching me – watching every move I did. Other guests were already gone, I suppose. A look at my watch told me that I’ve eaten quite a long time. I enjoyed this break. I enjoyed digesting. I also felt tired. A nap would be wonderful but I hadn’t finished. One couple left the restaurant. Passing by the tall man came closer and pattered my firm and taut belly.
“Well done, Mister, well done! My wife and I admire you. We never saw somebody eating like you. But we leave now because the restaurant will close soon.” His words touched me and I was close to tears. Before they left, his wife caressed my expanded gut and smiled. I noticed that her dress was tightly fitting so that I saw every roll of fat around her waist and her butt. I watched them leaving when I heard somebody say:
“My friend and I adore you too, big fellow.”
Two men stood in front of me. To my surprise, the younger one showed me an outstanding keg belly hanging over his belt.
“He did his best to eat more than you. He ate five plates and when you look at his gut, you see the damage he has done. His punch is ballooned and changed into a lovely keg belly. Thanks so much for this wonderful inspiration. We’ll leave now, because Giancarlo will close soon. But at home, we have cake and ice crème. I will force feed this keg to make it bigger.”
His younger friend smiled and I was sure that there would be more than just feeding.
“By the way, I warn you. Giancarlo is a great feeder. If you let him to what he wants, he will push your belly to new dimensions. So be careful and leave the restaurant before he’ll be back. And something else you should know. Giancarlo always served you double portions. Therefore, you’ve eaten eight normal plates. Nobody has eaten such an amount of food before. You’re a great eater, my friend.”
I was astonished about this information. No wonder that I feel stuffed to the brim. And when I’ve eaten eight normal portions I’ve won the special offer. I can go without paying. I try to stand up, but my belly was too heavy. I sat on the recliner and couldn’t move. Besides this, every move causes pain and I wasn’t used to feel pain after a meal. So I leaned back, closed my eyes, clutched my bloated belly with both hands and gave him a carefully belly rap. Time passed by and I felt better. I could digest and lost the pressure inside. Suddenly I heard the voice of Giancarlo. I opened my eyes and he stood right in front of me.
“You did very well, Mr. Johnson. I’m really proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. How do you feel?”
“Well, the pressure in my stomach is nearly gone, but I’m still very full. And I’ve eaten too much because I can’t move!”
“But you have to move, Mr. Johnson. I close the restaurant now and reopen it for dinner. So, what shall we do?”
“Call me a taxi, please, and guide me outside when it arrives.”
“Okay. I can do that, but I make you a proposal. I guide you to my living room and you lay down on my couch. You can digest easily and take a nap as well. What do you think?”
“Sounds good, Mr. Neapolitanos. We’ll do that due to my enlarged and heavy gut. It’s hard to walk or stand.”
“Let’s go. There are only a few steps to my living room.” Step by step we approach the door. “Here we are. Lay down. I put some pillows underneath your head and shoulders so that you lay comfortably.”
“You’re very kind. I appreciate this!”
“May I open your belt, your waistline and your shirt? Everything is too snug. You’ll feel much better afterwards.”
I am a bit ashamed to allow him that, but he was right. I could relax and breathe as I’m used to.
“Take a nap, Mr. Johnson. I’ll wake you up as soon as possible.” I was too sleepy and dazed to think about his words.
When I woke up, I looked around. I didn’t know how long I slept but I saw a big plate on the table next to me. The plate was filled with all sorts of candy, cakes and other desserts. I hear the door.
“You are awake, Mr. Johnson. That’s fine! Are you ready for dessert?”
“No, Mr. Neapolitano, not really. I still feel full. I didn’t have enough time to digest!”
“O, come on, Inspector. You needn’t to eat it all. Just taste some of those goodies. They taste delicious. I put the plate onto your belly so that you don’t have to move and you’re able to eat what you like.”
I agreed because it smelled tempting. After the first bites, I couldn’t stop myself. It all tasted so good. Mr. Neapolitano watched me with lust. Finally, I felt full again but I had only managed to eat half of it.
“Come on, come on. You’re not done yet.”
“I can’t eat any more. I’m sorry.”
“You’re not done yet, but I will help you to eat up! Just open your mouth and I will feed you!”
I protested but without success. Every time I opened my mouth, he stuffed it with candy, cake or something else. I couldn’t do much against it – and I must confess – I liked it as well. He is a dominant feeder and that’s what I like. I felt the increasing pressure in my swollen gut but I tried to ignore it. After everything was stuffed into my enlarged and growing belly, I heard him say,
“I love it. I love the way you eat. You’re a great eater. And you deserve a reward.”
I didn’t know what that means but when his right hand touched and caressed my tights, my balls and my hard member I knew exactly what he talked about. I was astonished about my reactions. My face flushed and I felt heat in my body. The heat moved up and down like a wave. And when his left hand caressed my swollen gut and touched him quite tenderly and cautiously I melted away. After a while, he took two fingers in my belly button and moved them up and down. I got lost. I drifted away. I was a toy in his hands. He played me and I enjoyed it. I couldn’t defend myself. My body shock himself. My rock hard belly jiggled. My legs twitched. I had lost control about my body. He rocked my body. I don’t know how long I was at the mercy of him. When he stopped, I still was excited but also exhausted. I knew I need a break. I knew I never felt like this before.
“It’s close to five o’clock. Let’s have a cup of tea and then I have to prepare everything for dinner. Some people of my stuff are already in the kitchen to help me.”
I was still overwhelmed. I just nodded. He came back and put a cup of tea right in front of me. Then he left and I heard him and his employees in the kitchen. While he was busy, I had time to relax and to think about what happened. But I was tired as well, so I doze off and digested.
When he woke me up, he looked tired.
“Hi, did you sleep well? It’s about midnight. I closed the restaurant. All guest are gone and the kitchen is clean again. So, we have time for a little midnight snack, haven’t we?”
First, I was frightened because I still felt stuffed. Then, I felt a sudden feeling.
“Give me a helping hand. I have to go to the toilette.” Standing on my own feet Giancarlo helped me to walk carefully to the toilette. It took a while to relieve myself. Afterwards I was happy and I was curious about his little midnight snack. When I saw the big plate piled up with different goods, sweets and desserts, I shook my heat.
“Well, this is quite a lot and I can’t eat up.”
“Never mind. Just eat as much as you want. You had a fi
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