watch victoria eat

Chapter 1 - victoria's first feast

Victoria knew she was in trouble.

Not that there was ever a good time to be a broke 20 year old, but the consequences of her frivolous spending were biting her in the ass.

Lying face up on her bed, she frowned at the designer sneakers she’d treated herself with right after losing her job. It wasn’t even that long ago but she knew that had kickstarted a bunch of impulse purchases that had left her bank account dryer than the Sahara.

“Well maybe I could sell something,” she mumbled to herself, not entirely convinced this would be as easily said as done.
Biting her lip at the sneakers she knew she couldn’t part with them; they were too cute.

Her indoor gym equipment was an essential so that couldn’t go, and she couldn’t exactly take back the money she’d splashed on music festival tickets and drinks. That basically just left her laptop which was a relatively early purchase that had suffered some damage at the hands of a runaway iced coffee.

She looked at the hunk of shit and groaned. God it was completely useless.

“Ugh this sucks so hard; I need a rich husband or something…”

Blowing raspberries into the air and seriously considering securing herself a sugar daddy, her phone pinged.

Kerrie: Girl, how are things?
Victoria: fucking shit wbu
Kerrie: Still no good news on the job front I take it ☹
Victoria: nope spent all my money because of course I did
Victoria: and the rents won’t help me out this time
Kerrie: That’s unfortunate girl, any chance there’s something you could do online?
Victoria: i mean probs but it sounds really hard… I need a man lol
Kerrie: Stop being lazy and go look!
Victoria: ugh

If Victoria was being brutally honest with herself, she knew she could try harder. But the thought of job hunting was soul crushing at the best of times. But then again, so was the looming threat of paying rent. She turned to her giant stuffed teddy and wondered if its button eyes were hiding any pearls of wisdom on quick money making. Unsurprisingly he didn’t respond to her. How ungenerous.

Kerrie: Plus, as if any man would tolerate you for more than 5 minutes XD
Victoria: idk thats not what ur dad said last night
Kerrie: Hilarious -_- but in all seriousness you should consider all of your options.
Victoria: omg bitch fine I’ll see what sort of content people make online
Kerrie: Good
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