weekends with sarah

chapter 1

David was visiting his friend Connor in Saitama for the weekend. They were both English teachers in high schools. David taught in a school in Tokyo and Connor had told him to come to nearby Saitama because there were some new English teachers he should meet.

Connor sent David a text saying he had a parent-teacher conference that evening but a new teacher, Sarah, could take him out that evening. David and Sarah had arranged to meet at a local izakaya. They did a great tabehoudai and nomihoudai offer. (All you can eat and drink). For 4000 yen they could eat and drink all they want for 2 hours. David arrived early and was shown to his table. He sat on the floor and waited for Sarah. A few minutes later Sarah walked in. She was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. The Hello Kitty on her t-shirt was rounded out by her chubby belly. David stood up to greet her and she went straight in for the hug. He was taken aback but loved the feel of her womanly body. They sat down on the floor. The seating position meant that Sarah's belly was squished up creating an extra roll.

"It's great to meet you David. I'm starving," Sarah exclaimed. "Seeing as you've lived in Japan longer I'll let you order."
"OK," David replied. "But I always order too much."
"We'll see about that," retorted Sarah.

David pressed the ping-pong and a waitress came over and kneeled to hear their order. David ordered plates of gyoza, edamame and karaage chicken to start. He also ordered a couple of beers to start. He turned to Sarah and jokingly said, "and what would you like to order?" Sarah misunderstood and preceded to order a whole raft of yakiniku - grilled chicken, beef and pork. She ordered two beers for herself and a whiskey highball. When they received their drinks they clinked them and said kanpai. Sarah tore into her chicken and had some sauce dribbling down onto her double chin. She guzzled her beer and began on the beef. David had never seen someone eat so quickly and voraciously. Sarah spotted him staring and said, "you'd better keep up. I plan to get my money's worth. Sarah ordered another round of drinks and another round of food. David could slowly see Hello Kitty's face get more and more distorted as Sarah's belly filled up. He ate and drank more than he usually did so Sarah didn't think he was a wimp.

After two hours of eating and drinking, Sarah leant back and released a huge burp. David was astonished and beginning to like this girl more and more. He got up from the table and helped the struggling Sarah to her feet. Sarah said, "and what about dessert?" Thoughts rushed through David's head before Sarah added, "I think there's a 24 hour Seiyu around here. I'm craving some chocolate." David couldn't believe this girls appetite. They walked to the supermarket and David pretended to tie his shoelace so he could sneak a glance at Sarah's behind. It curved out beautifully. He was looking forward to seeing more of this girl.
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FrecherTyp 7 years
mhmm very sexy and lovely relationship :-)

and an awesome story

if i ever meet a girl named sarah if have to ask her if she is a feeder :-)