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Chapter 1 - big dreams with a new partner

Natalia was excited on this warm sunny day as she walked through the route towards a nearby city. She just started her grand Pokemon journey a couple of weeks ago and has caught a few pokemon for the upcoming tournament being held in the next town over.

"I cannot believe that this is really happening!" she said with enthusiasm. "I'll be a Pokemon Champion in no time."

One of her biggest dreams was to become champion in her region. She had this dream since she was younger. She was walking down the dirt road as she spotted something.

"A M-meowth?!" "And a rare one at that!"

She was astonished as she saw the Meowth from a distance.

"I must catch it."

She took out a great ball and threw it at the unsuspecting Meowth. It bounced off its head and landed on the ground. The Meowth struggled to get free, but ended up captured in the Pokeball in the end.

"Yes!" "I caught a Meowth!"

She marks that one off her pokedex. She looks at the Pokeball and smiles.

"You would make a great member of our team." "Come on out!"

She tossed the Pokeball high up in the air, releasing the confused Meowth back into the battlefield. The Meowth stares at Natalia confused.

"You wanna do some battling?" "You and me could be champions in the upcoming future." she stated grinning from ear to ear.

The Meowth smiled too. It gleefully hopped up and down over the thought.

"Alright. "Let's continue into town then."

Both Natalia and her newly caught partner continue on their merry way through the current route they were in.


As they continued walking, Natalia started to smell something good.

"What is the delicious aroma?" she said liking her lips.

She looked around her to see where it was coming from, but she couldn't see the source.

"Man....I am just getting hungry thinking about it." "And I forgot to bring any food...."

She sighed out of frustration. She turned her head for a quick second and finally saw where it was coming from. It was coming from a vendor that setted up right outside the city.

"I got some money." "I think I'll get a few."

She ordered two hotdogs from the vendor and began walking away. She turned around and some her Meowth looking at the vendor.

"Meowth." "I'll give you one of mine." "Come on."

She continues walking away. However, the Meowth smiled deviously as it used payday to buy 3 dozen hotdogs for a special occassion.
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