welcome to the program

chapter 1: induction

Wesley sat in the lobby of a sparsely decorated facility. His chair creaked softly as he leaned backwards and then forwards. He was nervous, anticipating the meeting he was about to have with one of the facilities managers.

He was an attractive man, skinny and in his mid twenties, with black hair, pale skin and grey eyes. at that moment he was lost in thought, once again reconsidering if coming here had been a good idea. he reached down to his waist and rubbed his hand over the edge of his waistband, feeling the hard abs beneath his fingers. as he shifted uncomfortably on the wooden chair he felt his fears fade, this is what he wanted.

A door opened at the far end of the hall and a voice sang through the opening, "Mr. Ericson, please Come in. " Wesley got up and hurried tensely to the adjacent room. Inside was an office and across from the the doorway was a solid wooden desk behind which sat a pleasant looking, middle age woman.

Wesley paused in the doorway but she beckoned him forward, with one last lurch of hesitation he moved to take the chair across from her. "Welcome to the program." she said with warmth "your application said you were intending to stay with us for six months is that correct?"

Wesley nodded his head and said "That was the amount of time I had budgeted for, yes." she cocked a wry half smile at this "Can I take this to mean you would have extended your stay had your means allowed?"

He glanced down blushing slightly "Yeah I mean, I could have saved a little longer but six months seemed like enough time to..." he trailed off but the woman spoke up smoothly "Well we do sometimes provide extensions for those individuals who's progression is unsatisfactory, shall we keep you in mind for such an option?"

Wesley smiled lightly at this, shaking off his embarrassment for what seemed like the hundredth time today "Yeah, I would appreciate that." "Excellent." the woman replied, "My name is Liza, I am the intake specialist assigned to your case." she reached inside her desk and removed a folder. "You will need you to fill out this questionnaire."

She handed the papers over and as Wesley took them Liza motioned for him to stand. "But before you take a look at those I'll be showing you to your rooms. I should mention that they are on the next floor, though that shouldn't be much trouble at the moment." She winked at him and smiled in a conspiratorial fashion, and then laughed as he began to blush again.

As they walked up through the hall, Liza explained the basic facilities, gardens, gym, kitchen, all made private by his request. She finished up her tour at a warmly lit apartment "And this would be your room." she said with a broad gesture. She glanced back at his expression of sharp excitement and said "Welcome to the program."

She turned to leave but spoke over her shoulder in her melodic voice "Fill those out and buzz me when your done alright? There's an intercom next to the bed", "after that we'll get you matched up with your specialist." With that last remark she passed around a corner and was gone.

Wes entered the room, closed the door, and took a deep breath. Wrestling down the whirlwind in his chest, he opened his eyes and looked at his quarters. The room was well furnished with a nice tv, multiple video game consoles, books and basic set of free weights and bands.

A full size fridge sat conspicuously in the the corner, a double wide pantry and a dumb waiter occupied the spaces next to it and all three were recessed so that their doors were nearly flush with the wall. Ignoring these for now, Wes pulled out the folder and began to read.

Inside was a questionnaire, full of write in boxes next to descriptors like height, weight, age, hair collar, as well as a more specific things like his favorite lunch, breakfast and dinner dish, favorite body part (sexual/nonsexual),favorite time to eat.

One question asked if he considered himself a sub, a dom, a switch or neither. This question gave him pause but he took his best guess and pushed on to the end. After filling out the final box he turned the page to find the last sheet blank but for a small line that read "notes".

Wes sat for a long moment considering what he would want to communicate to whoever would be reading this. After about five minutes of staring thoughtfully at the blank page he wrote "I want someone to change me. I haven't been much good at this on my own and I think I need someone who can help, maybe even force me realize to my desire. I also want you to want this, I won't be satisfied knowing I'm the only one enjoying this process." He paused for a moment before finishing "I want you to know that as long as you are feeding me, the only person who controls my weight is you. I look forward to meeting you."

He signed it and folded over the last page. After doing so he found that underneath his completed copy was a number of similar questionnaires, filled out in the same fashion with pictures attached. With a rush of excitement he realized that these must be the staff members who could be assigned to him.

There were around twenty all together, covering a broad spectrum of individuals, but three caught his eye. One was a slender redhead who described herself in her profile as being a gentle but firm companion. Another was a seriously chubby Asian woman who made special note of her skills as a chef and last was a dark haired girl with tan skin and half her head shaved. She had only 3 words in her notes section, "follow my lead."

The folder had instructions printed on the inside which he followed, arranging the bios top to bottom according to preference. He rang the intercom and Liza's perky voice spilled out "Done already dear?" she asked "Yeah I've got my choices all sorted, should I come down to you or..." Liza cut in saying "Oh no no, just drop them in the lift and I'll sort out the rest." He thanked her and walked to the dumbwaiter, dropping the folder and sending them down to the ground floor. His stomach dropped with them.
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Bbman30 10 months
This has great potential, I hope you continue one day
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Fantastic beginning.