well fed witness

chapter 1

I had witnessed a gang related shooting in LA and testified in a federal racketeering case about the same gang. We needless to say the gang members wanted me dead.

The prosecutor immediately got me and my wife, Jen, into the witness protection program. To throw off the gang’s pursuit, the marshals moved Jen and I from safe house to safe house over several states. We traveled by car and stayed in doors when ever we would hold up to see if they were still on the trail.

This lifestyle was taking its toll on Jen and my physiques. Jen had quit smoking recently and I was used to a lot more exercise than I was getting now, which was none.

We were in a small town in Colorado, staying at a nice, but obscure motel. Jen and I had just changed into swimsuits. I was wearing a black “Speedo” bikini cut brief swimsuit and Jen was wearing a bikini and matching halter top. We both had on t-shirts on, getting ready to go down to the pool.

I looked out the window and spotted a car with California tags on it. The men in it were wearing the “colors” of the gang that was pursuing us too. I panicked, “Jen quick, out the back fire door, there is a car with California tags and it looks to gang bangers inside in the front parking lot.” She did not need any more encouragement we ran down the hall and out the back door.

Well safe for now. But remember I said how much our physiques had changed with the sedentary lifestyle, well we were quite a sight! I had gained over twenty pounds, now sporting a forty inch waist, crammed into a size thirty six “Speedo” with a medium t-shirt barely covering my paunch. Jen, had gained twenty five pounds. Riding in the car, she constantly nibbled, meal times were a greatly looked forward to relief to get out of the car, so the longer the meal the better. Her round tummy now bulged over her bikini, the halter top cut into the soft flab under her arms, the t-shirt she had on would not cover her expanded tummy either.

So here we were in a strange town, wandering around nearly naked and fat, lost to boot.

We started down an alley in the older part of town. Even in our panicked state we were stopped in our tracks by the most wonderful cooking smells. “Wow, that smells fantastic, I wish we could find out where it is coming from.” I said. “Really” said Jen, sniffing the air.

We heard a door open on a house next to us. We both looked toward the sound. Jen gasped, “Wow, look how fat that woman is! She must weigh over three hundred pounds!” exclaimed Jen.

I looked and saw an FA’s dream come true. There was an older woman, maybe in her sixties waddling down a short flight of steps carrying some trash or a bag. Her hips must have been four feet wide, capped with beach ball size cheeks, her belly bulged out farther than her boobs, swaying with every move she made. She was wearing an over stretched house dress barely containing her amazing girth!

As Jen and I stood transfixed by this vision, she started coming towards us. She looked up and smiled, “Well Hello there dears” she said. I answered, “Hello ma’am,”

She came to the fence and said, “Young man will put this in that trash can there.” “Certainly” I replied. “Oh thank you” responded Madge.

She glanced over the fence and giggled. “You two really should be wearing a little more clothes don’t you think, though you both have wonderful “figures” to show off.”

“We had to leave our motel in a bit of a hurry, no time to get dressed, we were on our way to the pool”. I answered.

“Well, you two shouldn’t be wandering around town with almost no clothes on, and besides you two look like you have pretty good appetites, why don’t you join me for a nice big supper!” suggested Madge.

Just then Jen’s tummy growled. Madge opened her gate. “The young lady needs a nice big meal for her lovely figure, you too, young man.”

We followed Madge’s awesome bottom up the steps and into the warm house. We were immediately overwhelmed by the rich cooking smells of the massive feast laid out on the kitchen table.

We sat down at her table which was covered with bowls and serving platters full of the most wonderful dishes we could imagine. After a quick prayer, Madge started serving us overflowing plates of rich, heavy casseroles, rich meats and sauces. She insisted that we drink her special tea, nice and cold and sweet.

While we were gorging ourselves, and between her own bites of food Madge told us her life’s story, as she called it.

Madge and her husband George had been transferred to town over thirty years ago. George had worked for the railroad. Madge loved to cook and had a real talent for it.
She also loved to watch people eat and eat herself. She got a job at the local school as a cook. She loved working there. She loved to watch the kids eat her wonderful food.
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Fbuucgk 2 years
Combes is the real hero :-) I'm curious to read how she will develop.
Fanedfox 2 years
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