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chapter 1

Louella was in a bind.

She was once again without a source of income. She hadn't had a steady job in a good number of years, her attitude and abrasive personality made it so that any retail or food service job that she managed to get didn't last long, if she managed to blag her way through the interview at all!

Louella hadn't paid much attention at school so her qualifications were barely worth the paper they were printed on and her attempts to become a beautician had failed miserably after she flunked out of the most basic college courses.

What Louella did have going for her was her looks, she was tall and well proportioned, she had a pretty face and long dark hair. She wasn't quite billboard quality and a fondness for bad food meant that she carried a little extra weight in the rear and tummy, she'd never be a runway model buy was without a doubt one of the more attractive girls you would see in your day.

She spent her days watching the kids in her family while claiming Universal Credit and coming up with her next "Big Idea" to make herself famous.

She had a string of failed YouTube channels, the first had been a makeup tutorial channel that she started after flunking out of college, that finished after she cussed out a viewer for a comment left that called her technique into question. Next up was a fashion blog but there was little interest in the clothes that she could pick up at her local market.

Her latest blunder had been her "cooking channel". Louella couldn't cook to save her life and her channel had become infamous after being featured on a cringe channel. They found easy likes and subscriptions by mocking her videos and how she managed to screw up the most basic cooking staples.

"Look how she tries to fry an egg!"

"She must make her own oil given how much she uses"

"Does she honestly think anyone needs an instructional video on how to prepare a bowl of cornflakes?! What an idiot!!"

There were thousands more comments, too many for Louella to sift through so she just deleted the channel.
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Karenjenk 4 years
i love the twist. Cute. short and sweet.
I love this one