what i know now

Chapter 1 - prologue - present day

October 30th, 2020

5:28 AM

As I slumber, my dreams carry me yet again to a place in my mind that I both dread and welcome with open arms; the part of my subconscious that I once denied for so long that it eventually unveiled itself, forever warping my sexual desires.

In my dream... I am happy.

In my dream, I am taken to a room in an apartment that I lived in with my mother during high school. The dim light that shines through my window casts cool blue shadows that tint the walls with a heavenly hue. My vision blurs as I'm awoken by my alarm. Slamming my hand on the snooze button, I glance around the room, taking a moment to gain some composure before being bombarded with waves of sexual energy. I needed to relieve myself, to touch my member and calm my mind. My breaths deepen but are restricted, almost as if a being pushed down. Why is it so warm in here? I've only got a blanket on me. I glance down to see a huge mound, heaving with every laboured breath. Three blankets? The waves in my body grow stronger, irresistible, demanding attention. What I revealed was an extraordinary sight.

I had always been fat, but this was huge. My gut rose above me like a wall, a trisected dome of lard that jiggled violently as I ripped off the covers. As I shift my beefy legs, I can feel my bottom roll resist the motion as it rubs against my thigh just above the knee. I reach out to touch my belly, only for my arm to collide with my wide, expansive chest that pushes into my thick double chin. I push at my belly, watching it wobble for a few seconds as the motion sends a vibration to my member, sending it into overdrive. I can't wait any longer. I reach around my mountain of belly searching for contact with my throbbing member only to realize it is impossible from this angle, not even able to grasp the bottom roll of my stomach. I roll my body from side to side building momentum as my gut sways with the motion until with a final push, I am on my side, my gut finally coming to a stop. I reach again with more success than before but not quite what I need being just out of reach. After shifting my hand around for a bit, I finally feel it; rock hard and buried beneath a massive soft fupa that eats up most of it, leaving me maybe two inches to play with. Unable to fully grasp, I resort to pinching it between two fingers and at last I can get to work. The tension is at a fever pitch as I begin sliding my fingers up and down my cock, as fast as I can. Even with the limited motion, it sends my body into a wobbling frenzy, my belly gyrates into my chest causing my moobs to wobble against one another. All this comes to a close as I can feel the climax approaching at a rapid pace, my mind racing in anticipation.

Just as I am about to finish, an alarm goes off once more. I am not in my old room anymore. I am in my house, in my own bed. I look down immediately, hoping to finish what I started only to feel empty. Nothing but morning wood staring back at me as a massive wet spot forms on the tip of my dick.

A wet dream. Again.


(My first attempt at a serious story with more chapters to come. Please tell me how I did and what I can improve on! I would love some advice and feedback!)
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Daver58 2 years
good so far! Gonna finish? :-)