what to expect when you're expanding

Chapter 1 - dorm - part 1

The lights in the dorm were dimmed, casting everything in a soft glow; Peter stood in front of his full length mirror, trying on different shirts, some new and fitting, others older and much smaller, in different poses. He knew he was getting fatter, but it still looked almost foreign to him. Also new to him was the sensation of his tummy sitting on his lap as far as it did, and how it bent and rolled when he sat; grabbing his desk chair, he moved closer to the mirror and stared at the rolls his belly created when he sat. Looking down, all he could see was a mild dip around his centre, especially when he moved in any way, but from the side he saw how his love handles looked more like almost their own belly, rolling and dipping separate from the rest of his midsection. Peter had noticed around the 20 lbs mark that things were sitting in different places, he felt things he had never felt before, almost like his body was getting in the way, but within the last 10 lbs or so of his total 120 lbs gain did he start to really feel that strangeness again.
There was a soft knock on the door, and before Peter could put on one of his newest shirts, Quinn walked in with two trays of heaps of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and four cupcakes for dessert (now a breakfast staple), as he tried to stutter out a greeting. Peter couldn't even make it out of the chair before his girlfriend feeder opened the door. "Hey, good morning! I grabbed you breakfast", Quinn pecked his cheek and placed one tray on the desk, and the other on his belly. "You're not obsessing over your size again, are you?" She asked with almost mild indignation. "No..." Peter couldn't look her in the eyes with the lie on his lips. The girl walked over to behind the sitting feedee, "obsessing isn't going to make you any bigger," she kneeled down behind the chair still sitting in front of the mirror, "do you know what will though?" Quinn reached around and dug her hands into his sides and began shaking it slightly, "... wh-what?" Peter blushed. "Finishing every bite of your breakfast."
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Built4com4t 1 year
Definitely worth a second read. A wonderful fantasy brilliantly arousing,
Catslover 5 years
Awsome history keep writing, can't weit for
Built4com4t 5 years
what a treat! well done, a very arousing story idea. here's hoping for more.