when ex-swimmers and college combine

Chapter 1 - part one

Dan was a swimmer all through high school. Though not good enough to go professional he performed well in mid-level school competitions. He trained hard and despite not having a great passion for the sport enjoyed it mostly because of the social factor. All that training had given him a lean hard body many would kill for. Standing at over six feet with a hard tanned six pack and muscular arms and pecs. Dan loved his long hard body. Surprisingly Dan had been a chubby kid up until around high school. Despite not being fat per say he was teased occasionally for his little belly and pudgy chest which pushed through his clothes slightly. He had memories of trying on his fit older brother James' jeans who was only a year older and not being able to put them around his tubby middle. His brother laughing as he struggled to get them on the button straining just an inch from the close and prodding his fat.
His brother then going behind and grabbing the jeans and forcing them close, Dan whimpering in pain and embarrassment as his belly rolled over the tight jeans his love handles and back fat emphasized. He remembered being called fatso up until about the age of 13. His brother would often show off his already tight stomach, Dan longed for the tight six pack of his brother. In grade nine he joined the swim squad much to the amusement of his brother. For a few months he endured a bit of teasing from his brother but the rest on the team didn't really comment all that much apart from the occasional joke about Dan's tummy. Eventually though the weight flew off until only James was making the occasional joke about his slightly soft tummy. Eventually though as the last remnants of pudge were burnt off and he grew upwards James stopped commenting altogether. Eventually he had a six pack to rival his brothers and James was no longer embarrassing him and their relationship improved slightly over time.
Now though he was off to college. In the same dorm as his brother who despite being a grade older had deferred a year so they were both freshman and sharing a twin room. The two boys now post puberty looked remarkably similar. Dan was slightly taller with a slightly heavier build but that was about it. They settled in and took a short look around the campus before heading to the buffet for dinner, per the dining plan about 99% of their meals would be eaten from here. The two boys ate heartily stuffing themselves not used to having unlimited access to food. They finally stopped unable to possibly eat anymore and stumbled back to their room. They started getting ready for bed and as James stripped Dan started laughing at his bloated middle. His stomach bulged out shiny with the strain

James laughed at the sight and pointed at Dan's middle which could be seen poking through his muscle shirt. He lifted his shirt revealing his tummy and laughed. They then went off to sleep. Early the next morning Dan was awoken by James violently shaking him. Dan jumped to life in shock and James laughed before indicating that they should go swimming. Dan still feeling slightly queasy from the night before reluctantly agreed. They walked to the near empty pool and were disappointed to find that the swim team was beyond a joke and operated as more as a weight loss class rather than the comp style that the boys were used to. They decided to just do their own thing instead and went to go get changed. They got into the change room and were surprised to see an old friend from their High School Swim Squad. Dave was two years Dan's senior and was in his sophomore year of College. He was standing in the middle of the room about to get changed as they entered. They talked and both stripped into Jammers for swimming. Dan caught his reflection in a mirror and smiled slightly as he flexed his stomach.
He turned back to Dave who slightly pink started getting changed. Dan almost started giggling as he took his shirt off. He caught a James eye who was having a similar reaction. Dave was sporting a decent belly which rested slightly over the very tight racing jammers. Obviously from his racing days Dave's flabby body pooched out from them, stretching out from his fatter arse. Dan was still torn between giggles and shock, the last time he'd seen Dave in those jammers he had killer abs and taut pecs. Dave blushed slightly and sucked in his tummy as he put his shirt away. He leant over causing his tummy to roll over the jammers. James commented saying nice gut. Dave flushed red and responded trying to laugh it off as a bit of bloat. James grabbed a surprisingly large fold of Dave's belly fat and gave it a jiggle having to poke about an inch and a half before reaching the muscle wall. James raised an eyebrow as Dave looked like he was dying of embarrassment. Dan joined in the fun playfully pinching the exposed love handle closest to him Dave self-consciously batted it away slightly.
Dan laughed and flicked Dave's softened chest leaving a red mark. James swore slightly while still jiggling Dave's belly and commented that he had exploded. Dave gave up squirming and relaxed embarrassed by how fat he had gotten in comparison to the washboard abs surrounding him. Dan asked how he gotten so fat. Dave confessed to stuffing himself and drinking excessively and only swimming occasionally. In fact today signalled the start of his new diet. James commented that he looked like he was about to burst out of those jammers. Dave laughed slightly at that as he mentioned all the clothes that he couldn't fit on anymore. He had even ripped some clothes due to the pressure and had to wear tracksuits which accommodated his growing frame. Dan asked how much he had put on. Dave replied that he reckoned about fifteen pounds. James laughed and smacked Dave's soft arse and commented that they may be an understatement. Dan noticed a scale in the corner and cheered chanting weight in. Dave eyes bulged slightly and looked like he was about to be caught out in a lie.
At 5'11 Dave had weighed a solid 160 pounds at his fittest and he perched on the scales. Dan and James started laughing hysterically as 196 pounds flashed up, over 36 pounds of flubber. Dave swore and grabbed his belly. He had gotten so fat. They three boys walked to the pool and started to swim. Dave was a complete mess. Once a star athlete he couldn't go close to keeping up and was wheezing at the end of the lane his back against the side of the pool within 20 minutes. Dan kept swimming but James had time to poke a bit of fun at Dave whose belly was moving in and put with each breath. Dave was upset at how unfit he was and how obvious it was by the fatso jokes. He hopped out of the pool and sat with his legs dangling in the water. His soft belly rested slightly on his lap and hung with a distinct roll. Dan pulled up and commented that even Dave's legs had gotten chunky. Dave looked down and had to agree the tanned toned legs of high school had become quite pale fat tubes which had fat rolling underneath. He admitted that let alone the waistband he couldn't even get his legs through skinny jeans anymore
Dan chuckled as Dave jiggled a leg in mid-air Dan asked how he had let himself get so fat and Dave replied that it had crept up on him and he had given up trying to keep it off, and the result was the gut in front of him. Dan told him he needed to get new clothes because he looked like he was wearing clothes from when he was a kid. Dave looked down at the jammers stretching to their limits to contain him and agreed. Dan suggested going clothes shopping now. Dave agreed and all three boys headed to get changed to head out. They popped quickly into Dan and James room and they changed into basic outfits and then headed go Dave's room.
They walked in to find the room looking like a bomb had hit it. Dave sheepishly looked for clothes to get changed into. He walked across the room jiggling slightly in his underwear as he found a pair of jeans. Dan and James watched with humour as he prepared to try to force them on. They weren't skinny jeans but they were near skin-tight on Dave's fat legs as he forced them up to his waist. His butt pushed the jeans back and hit gut stuck through the gap where the jeans were unbuttoned. He clasped the jeans but was unable to get the clasp together. He blushed at Dan and James giggling. He jumped up and down forcing the button finally together. His gut was accentuated by the tight waistband and the tight shirt pulled over head did little to cover up, clinging to his flabbier chest it pulled up and showed an inch of flabby stomach so Dave was constantly pushing it down. They hopped in the car and headed into a large department store. Learning that Dave had squeezed himself into 30 inch jeans the boys grabbed him a pair of 32's.
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Gaiajanice 7 years
Well after quite a while here is the latest chapter smiley
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
What a pleasant contribution to the whole ex-jock getting fat sub-genre! I hope you will re-visit this and perhaps write some more. I would love to see more of your writing!
BS Writer 9 years
I hope there's going to be more to this.
Gaiajanice 9 years
Hey built4com4t. You're right I will do better paragraphs but I wrote most of it on a phone so its easy to forget haha. As for the female ffa I am not attracted to females at all and don't think I would be able to write a female gain very well haha. Its just not my thing. Thank you for the constructive critism though. Thanks to everyone else I can't believe this has been seen over 3500 times. I feel like a celebrity with the lovely messages I have been getting.
Built4com4t 9 years
could use some paragraphs and a female ffa or two ;-)
Drstrange 9 years
More please!!!
BS Writer 9 years
Well then I need more chapters faster.

But seriously great job so far. It's really well paced and well written so if it takes some time to get where it needs to go I'm patient. Well, patient but incredibly eager for more.
Gaiajanice 9 years
Haha Bsfan, its not for a few more chapters but its definitely coming
BS Writer 9 years
I'm hoping James and Dan get fat and the girls they've been flirting with humiliate them.
Gaiajanice 9 years
BTW I would love love comments and ideas