when she got so big

chapter 1

Jill had the perfect body in high school. Big chest, tiny waist, perfect ass. By the time we reunited ten years later... let's say she was curvy. Probably 140 on her little 5'3 frame? Enough extra weight to disqualify her from the "skinny" category for sure. She had a plump little butt now, tits that spilled out of all her (way too tight) bras, and the tiniest start to a belly that all her shirts clung right against. I had just came to terms with the fact that I like my ladies on the thicker side, so to me, she looked even better. We started dating and moved in together right away. I didn't want to make her obese or anything, but the chub looked so good on her, I couldn't help but help it along. I've been a cook all my life, and I couldn't resist but to over feed her just a little. That tiny belly poking out of the bottom of her tops just drove me crazy. I just loved now it seemed that no shirt she owned could contain that nice round gut. It bubbled out of everything, especially when she sat down. Her clothes hugged that little roll of fat so close... and her jeans dug into those brand new love handles leaving a perfect roll of chunk hanging out her back, right on top of that big juicy butt. She wasn't quite "fat" yet... but she was certainly chubby. I couldn't get enough of that bounce, and I couldn't resist seeing how she would look with another ten pounds packed on there. I imagined that belly just a little more protruding, those thighs just a little more jiggly, that ass a little fatter, and those boobs spilling out just a little more. She just looked so good as a chubster, I couldn't help myself. Watching her little bit of flab bounce around the house drove me wild, and the best part, she didn't seem to notice she had packed on any pounds. She still dressed in the same skinny girl clothes she always had, which just put all those extra pounds on full display. So I decided to take over the cooking and cleaning, so I could make the most caloric food possible and spare her from burning any of those beautiful calories off
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