when you look down

Chapter 1

Find the mirror?
Look straight ahead.
Stand up straight with your arms at your sides.
I want you to examine yourself.
A good, honest and truthful examination.
So tell me, what do you see?

“I…I see a nice, kind, friendly…”

No! No! No! Not who you are as a person, silly. Describe what you see in the mirror. Describe yourself.

“Well… I see myself as tall, nice smile, tan, somewhat fit, and…”

You’re what? Somewhat fit? You’re crazy. You’re fit as a fiddle! Well at least I’d certainly say so.

“…you think?”

That’s right, stud. Obviously you’re quite the adonis. Lean, strong, and thick with muscles. Clearly your church is the gym and your God helped you bench 260. Modelesque, really. I’m honestly blushing at the sight of your sculpted abs and chisled jaw.

“Well, thank y…”

So how does that make you feel? You must be so proud of yourself. All that hardwork and dedication has clearly paid off. So, are you proud?


You are? That’s great. But then, why are you here? With me? Something must be wrong if you sought me out? Come on stud, you can tell me.

“Well, I…”

No! Don’t look at me. Keep staring at yourself in that mirror and speak your truth.

“Well… truthfully I’m tired…”

What’s that now? You’re tired? Tired of what?

“…for starters…well going to the gym all the time…”

Training so hard? I get that. It must be exhausting exerting all that energy.

“It is! It is…. And it’s all just for looking good for strangers to see me as…”

You’re tired of appearances? I understand that too. Thinking you have to look a certain way for acceptance is pretty strenuous on just about everyone. Anything else, stud?

“Well I wanted to look like this to, well, hide my…”

Hiding? What do you mean you’re tired of hiding?

“…my truth of what I secretly desire. What I’ve secretly desired for years.”

Oh, I get it. Tired of hiding who you really are inside. So tell me, beautiful, what are you tired of hiding? Speak your truth.

“Well, sir, the truth is…. My truth is that I just want to stop. Stop trying to look and act how I think everyone wants me to and instead be who I want to be. Ever since I was young I’ve suppressed these urges to be something that I know is wrong, no matter how much my mind and body want it. I’m here, with you now, sir, because I need to let go. I need…”

Let me stop you right there stud. I want you to do something for me okay?


Can you keep staring at yourself in the mirror for me and also place your hands on those rock hard abs of yours?

“Like this?”

Exactly like that.

Okay now tell me, what do you see when you look down?

“I see my hand on my stomach…”

What else?

“…and the ground. And my feet…and, well that’s it.”



Yes, exactly. Right now all you see is the ground and your feet. Clear as day and as simple as anything. But, boring. Oh so boring! No need to worry though because that’s all about to change. You’ve sought me out for this exact purpose. I’m all about my two step approach to personal growth and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.

Mentally, I’m going to help reshape your mind and get you away from your old ways of thinking. You no longer need to be yourself for others. No, you will learn to accept yourself for who you are, what you want to be, and what you will become.

Physically, you’re going to get your wish. You’re going to let go. I’m going to help you transform from this cocoon you’re in to the butterfly you’ve always meant to be.

“…and what’s that butterfly look like to you…?”

Well then. Let me tell you. Close your eyes now stud, but keep your hands on those abs of yours. Eyes closed?


We both know what you want. You’ve denied yourself the chance to be yourself for the longest time and now is your breaking point. So I’m going to help you. I’m gonna help you relax. I’m gonna help you skip those tiring gym days. You’ve worked so hard and now that’s over.

I’m also going to help you stop your counting of calories and instead get you to enjoy foods you’ve deprived yourself of over the years. I’m going to treat you to decadent meals and calorie dense treats. You’ve been so empty for so long that now is the time to fill you up. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to fill you up over and over and over again. Even when you you’re full, I’m going to fill you up some more. A handsome, good boy like yourself deserves it, don’t you think? I want you to experience the joy and satisfaction of being constantly full. Enjoying the cravings you have suppressed forever. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

“…….yes, sir, it does.”


So now, with your eyes closed, what will you see when you look down?

Well, truth be told, over time these meals are going to leave their mark. And soon enough, those rock hard abs are going to be covered by a layer of complete and blissful satisfaction. Your body will change with your acceptance of your true self. No longer hard and lean and fit. No. Instead you will grow softer and larger and fatter. Yes, fatter. The word we’ve been skirting around all night.

Your whole life has been a suppression of the desire to let go and get fat and here I am to guide you to salvation. I see you are starting to rub your belly now? Yes I said belly. Because I know in your mind you’re picturing your tight body swelling outward. Your abs are gone now and instead all you feel is soft pliable fat. You’re squeezing it aren’t you? How does it feel? Isn’t it amazing? The softness yet heaviness of your growing belly. Are you picturing yourself growing even more now? Not just getting chubby, but downright fat? A paunch overhanging you waist as your chest softens and sags with gravity? Your arms losing definition and forming pillows instead?Your face must be rounding as well as your chin accumulates a friend. And I know your loving this. I can tell by your hands moving voraciously all over body. Not to mention your rock hard cock desparately attempting to break free from its underwear prison. You’re loving this right now aren’t you?

“Oh god yes!”

So this is what you want?


So when you look down, what do you want to see?

“I…I need to see nothing but a mountain of blubber swelling out in front of me. I want nothing more than to see myself that huge. I need to NEVER see my feet again. Please, sir, help me!”

I need to hear it one last time. Tell me, what do you want from me?

“I want you to help me grow big and fat! Please, I need to feel what it’s like to become obese. I need to let go and give in! Double, even triple in size! I’m dying on the inside! Feed me, fatten me, make me huge! I want it! I need it!”

Alright, alright…Damn boy you sure are excited for this aren’t you?

“Yes, sir, I am.”

Excellent, pig, excellent.

Let’s begin.
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