who's the fat sister now?

Chapter 1 - PROLOGUE


Aiva was always the athletic one in her family. Growing up, she excelled at every sport she tried despite her 5’1 stature. But it wasn't until high school that she discovered her true passion: running. She joined the track team and quickly became a star athlete, earning multiple medals and breaking school records.

Running became more than just a hobby for Aiva. It was a way for her to push herself to the limit, to feel the burn in her muscles and the rush of endorphins in her brain. It gave her a sense of purpose and accomplishment that nothing else could match. And as she entered college, she continued to run. Albeit less competitive, she still found time to commit to numerous clubs on campus.

But as much as Aiva loved running, it came with its downsides. She was always tired and sore, constantly battling injuries and pushing her body to the brink of exhaustion. She had to adhere to strict diets and training schedules, leaving little room for indulgence or spontaneity.

It was the summer before her junior year that she met Jack, a charming senior who she immediately hit it off with. It was with him that she finally learned to relax more and give herself time for other activities. With him, Aiva felt for the first time in her life that she was living life to the fullest.

As college progressed and she moved in with Jack, she tried to keep up with her running routine, but it was hard to find the time and energy to fit it in around her busy class schedule. Slowly but surely, she began to gain a little weight.

At first, it was only a few pounds here and there, but as the years went on, the weight started to accumulate. Aiva wasn't too worried at first - she knew that she was still relatively thin and healthy - but as she entered her mid-twenties, she began to notice the changes more and more. Clothes that used to fit her perfectly now felt tight and uncomfortable, and she found herself getting winded more easily during physical activities.

Despite these changes, Aiva is still identified as an athlete at heart. She loved the feeling of pushing herself to the limit, of testing her physical and mental strength. But she also couldn't deny the growing sense of curiosity she felt to indulge in the pleasures of food and relaxation. Jack was such an amazing cook after all, and the burdens of the real world made her yearn for comfort in her free time.

Then there was Jack. The couple had now been dating for seven years, and as they matured, so had Jack’s tastes. He had always been up front with her and she had always been aware of his growing fascination with weight gain. He was turned on by the idea of a woman becoming softer, rounder, and more feminine, and while Aiva had never considered indulging in his fetish before, she found herself drawn to the idea.

As she looked at herself in the mirror one February morning, she realized that she was no longer the slender, toned athlete she had always been. She was thicker. She certainly wasn’t fat or even chubby; just average. And as much as it scared her to not be in peak physical shape, it also excited her. The idea of gaining weight and becoming the object of Jack's fetish was alluring - a chance to explore a side of herself that she had never known existed.

Aiva climbed into bed next to Jack that night, feeling nervous but excited about the conversation they were about to have. "Jack, I have something to tell you," she said, snuggling closer to him. "I've gained a bit of weight over the holidays. I weigh 120 pounds now."

Jack smiled, pulling her close. "I know, Aiva. I've noticed. And I love it," he said, trailing kisses down her neck. "You look so beautiful and sexy with a little extra weight on you."

Aiva's heart raced at the compliment. She had always been self-conscious about her body, but hearing Jack express his love for her thicker figure was a huge turn-on. "Really?" she asked, feeling a flutter in her stomach.

"Really," Jack said, running his hands over her buddening curves. "In fact, I think you would look even better with a little more weight on you. Is that what you’re thinking? Because you know I would love to see."

Aiva's mind raced with possibilities. She had always been growing curious about what a few more pounds might do to her small frame. The idea of indulging in all of her favorite foods, without any guilt or shame, was thrilling. "I think I might like that," she said, smiling. "Let's see where it takes us."

Jack nodded, a grin spreading across his face. "Wow, okay! I'll help you in any way I can. I can cook all your favorite meals and snacks, and we can experiment with new recipes too. We'll make sure you have plenty of delicious food to eat and enjoy."

Aiva blushed at the thought of Jack taking care of her in such a way. "That sounds wonderful," she said. "But I don't want you to feel like you have to do all the cooking and feeding.”

Jack nodded understandingly. "Aiva, there is nothing I would love more than to be your personal chef.”

Over the next few days, Aiva and Jack discussed their plan in more detail. Jack promised to be there for her every step of the way, offering to cook and prepare food for her, accompany her on grocery shopping trips, and even hand feed her if she ever wanted.

As they talked, Aiva felt a sense of relief and excitement. She had always been interested in exploring her body and her sexuality in new ways, and the idea of gaining weight was just one more way to do that. She knew there would be challenges and struggles along the way, but with Jack by her side, she was ready to take them on.

Little did she know that this newfound intrigue would lead her down a path of pleasure, indulgence, and self-discovery.
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Fatbooty 5 months
Always excited to see a new chapter. Will Aiva's sisters ever end up gaining weight too?
Chef Feeder 5 months
I wasn't really planning on it as I like focusing on Aiva and the body contrast to people around her and such. Perhaps a sister sequel...
Jazzman 6 months
The weight is so realistic. Fantastic story.
Chef Feeder 5 months
Thanks! I try to be as real as possible even if I end up repeated myself.
Makeme300 6 months
I love this story and it reminds me of the dynamic I have with my own sister
Chef Feeder 5 months
Wooow thank you! Is your sister a secret feeder or something?
Jazzman 6 months
I like it a lot. Hoping for a weigh in to provide context for imagery.
Chef Feeder 6 months
This isn't exactly the slowest story, but I want to build up to certain things like weight or full sex. But Ch. 7 has her new weight! Just keep in mind Aiva's 5'1, her weight is realistic to her size
Jazzman 6 months
And 148 it was! I follow a few stories at a time and had forgotten already. Oops. Btw having dated many from 4'10" to a max of 5'3" ( mostly) that number is realistic and very Chubby no doubt. Thanks
Layne 6 months
This is really good looking forward to more !
Chef Feeder 6 months
Thanks! I'll keep the chapters coming.
Fanedfox 7 months
Wonderful! Great plot and your descriptions are spot on. I adore Aivia as a character and envy Jack. Very well written and conceived. I loved it!
Chef Feeder 6 months
Thank you! I have at LEAST 8 more chapters in the chamber that I just need to copy edit.