widened warrior woman

chapter 1

Our adventurer team consists of 3 members.

Me, the thief

Markus, the wizard,

And Shannon, our warrior.

I never really took too much interest in Shannon past the skills she brought to the team. She did wear skimpy clothing, showing her abs and thighs but it never really aroused me. She did occasionally try to flirt with me but I always quickly killed the mood or left.

One night, I left the window open and a succubus entered. As succubus often do, they appease your sexual fantasies while stealing your soul. More souls = more power and a higher placement in hell.

The succubus: “hey there pretty boy… you look a little wound up. Wanna have a good time?”

In my half conscious state I said yes to what was most definitely a trap.

Me: “Sure. You can like… transform into anything right?”

The succubus: “Yes. Even your deepest desires.”

Before my eyes, the succubus started to grow fatter and fatter. Her hips protruded far out, her belly reached her knees, her tits-


Shannon: “Hey I know you’re probably past out after drinking earlier but I need- WAAAAH!”

As soon as she noticed, she grabbed her sword and impaled the foul creature.

Me: “W-what?”

Shannon: “You’re alright? No soul sucking?”

Me: “ya I’m fine. What happened… oh.”

I looked on the ground to see the fattened succubus on the ground with a sword through it.

Me: “I guess we gotta get rid of it before the corpse rots?”

Shannon: “Don’t worry. I’ve got it. I also want to er… examine it. And your tired anyways. Ya you’re too tired.”

Me: “Thanks Shannon. I’m going back to sleep.”

The next day, I noticed Shannon was eating especially large proportions when we ate. And I’m the coming weeks, I noticed a growing pudge around her.

A couple months later, she asked me to come into her room.

Shannon: “lock the door behind you.”

Me: “O…kay.”

Shannon sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her.

Shannon: “Cmon, sit with me.”

As I sat next to her, I took a closer look at her figure. Her abs had disappeared. In their place was a watermelon sized belly resting on her thighs. Said thighs were no longer rock hard watermelon crushing thighs but now pillowy and fat. And boobs were now-

Shannon: “notice anything different?”

Me: “you redid your hair?”

Shannon: “NO.”

Me: “Well I don’t see anything else that seams off.”

I tried to avoid the elephant (sized womanin the room so I wouldn’t seam to only care about her figure. I actually think her personality was always somewhat cute even if she never made me think sexually of her… till she started getting fat.

Shannon: “Well fine then.”

She grabbed my arms and planted my hands on her belly.

Me: “Alright fine, you got fat. Do you want help dieting?”

Shannon: “No, I did this for you damnit. I know you like fat chicks! Why else would that succubus from a couple months back be such a porker?!”

Me: “alright fine, you got me.”

It was awkwardly quiet momentarily…

Me: “So you got fat for…”

Shannon: “Yes, you. Let me just show you.”

Shannon suddenly took off her armour and stripped down to a small pair of white lingerie.

Each of her ass cheeks were the size of basketballs so the fact she found lingerie at all for her size was impressive even if it did look a little tight.

I followed suit and started undressing too.

Soon enough, she walked up to me and started pulling down my underwear. In response, I unhooked her bra. Her huge rack now resting on her belly.

Shannon: “they’re bigger now too, aren’t they?”

Me: “maybe…”

Shannon suddenly pinned me to the wall with her body. Her tits in my face and her belly against my chest.

Shannon: “who knew all I ever had to do was let myself go and you’d come right to me!”

Her belly and tits were pressing against me. I grabbed one of her huge ass cheeks and groped it then slapped the other one.

Shannon: “GAAH”

She was right. I could never comprehend someone with a figure as toned as hers turning into a marshmallowy flirt.

As my hand held one of her globes of fat, it finally set in that this was reality. And reality feels… pretty good.

Me: “turn around will’ ya?”

As she spun around, still pinning me to the wall, I pushed her panties aside and shoved my dick in her ass. I grabbed her belly with one hand and her tit with the other and began throttling.

After a while of hot fat sex, we both finished up. And sat on her bed.

Shannon: “could you ever tell I was pining for you before?”

Me: “…ya”

Shannon: “then why didn’t you ever anything?”

Me: “Didn’t you find it weird there was a fat succubi in my room?”

Shannon: “Well… ya but-“

Me: “it was weird right. If I ever told you that I liked fat girls suddenly, you woulda been weirded out. Besides, your our warrior so you have to be fit.”

Shannon: “I don’t have to be fit. I still have abs, their just under all this padding hehe…”

She then suddenly got off the bed and picked me up above her head.

Me: “can anything kill that muscle head side of you?”

Shannon: “Only a dagger to the heart hehe!”

Me: “you got any photos of when you were fit?”

Shannon: “oh don’t tell me you’re backing out on this!”

Me: “no, I just think the transformation from weight lifter to weight larder is kinda hot hehe!”

Shannon: “HEY!”

I laughed as I planted my hand firmly on her jiggly soon to grow midsection.

—————————— ———————————————

This story has been in the back burner for a while so I wanted to finish it. The inspiration came from the SoftService art in the thumbnail which I really liked for some reason. Maybe it was cuz characters in fat art don’t act flirty, maybe it was the outfit, maybe it was because SoftService is really good at making fatties. I probably won’t touch this story again considering it took so long to finish just this one chapter. Maybe these characters will reappear in one of my other wg fantasy stories.

Thanks for reading.
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