wild wednesdays

chapter 1

'You're a fan of cheesecake tonight,' she said, as she sat down next to him and watched as he inhaled a third slice.

'Ugh,' he moaned, unbuttoning his work pants as he ate. 'It's so good, l just can't stop.’ He turned to look at her. ‘You definitely shouldn’t bake these any more.'

'Now where's the fun in that?' She prodded at his belly and grinned. 'Fancy a fourth?' She asked, noticing that his third slice was almost done.

'Yeah.' He patted his belly enthusiastically. 'I’m insatiable tonight.'

'I can tell.' She peeled up his shirt and began to kiss at his gut.

'l'm going to get so fat.' He sighed, as she kissed. ‘Just you watch me.’

‘For me?’ She asked, coyly looking up.

'For us.' He grinned back at her. 'What could possibly go wrong?' He put it out there to hear her views.

'Oh, l don't know.' She patted his belly encouragingly as she spoke. 'Outgrown pants, big numbers on the scale, perhaps even a new chair at work? That sorta thing, you know.'

A bulge quickly appeared in his pants, and she licked at her lips. 'Soon enough all the world will know what a fatty you've been.'

'Oh f*ck.' His breath quickened. 'You're such a tease when you're like this.'

'Says the man who's on his fourth slice of cheesecake.' She prodded at his gut and grinned.

'Get me a spoon and the rest of it quick.' He began to fondle himself. 'I really need those calories now.'

'No you don't.' She kissed his forehead. 'But your belly sure does.' She glanced down at it. 'I think it's developing a mind of its own.'

'What's that?' She held her ear to it playfully. 'I think it wants a gainer shake too?'

'Oh God yes.' His head rolled back. 'We're gonna make me so fat.'

'Fatter you mean.' She tickled his double chin. 'You’re already quite obese.'

'Top ten per cent.' He patted his gut.

'In waistlines alone.' She marveled, as she ran her hand around it proudly. 'Now let me go get you that "cake and a shake".' She then grinned at him. 'We definitely should be making this a nightly thing.'

'My capacity's sure grown.' He remarked, unbuttoning more at his pants, and feeling himself.

‘Along with your belly.’ She pressed down on it as she got up. ‘Can I play the field with your shake?'

'Make it count,' he replied. 'Don't hold back.'

'You think I've been holding back?' she asked, a little shocked, as she glanced down at his belly again. 'I'll have you in the top five per cent soon enough if I have my way.'

'You're stalling,' he muttered.

'Are you sure?' She crossed her arms and grinned at him again. 'I think you could probably afford to skip a meal or two.'

'You calling me fat?' He asked.

'Yep,' she nodded. ‘And I know you love it when I do.’ She ran her hand up the insides of his thigh, as his hand also began to explore.

'Leave that alone.' She winked at him, as she removed his hand from his crotch. 'You finish that cake and a shake, and l'll do a hell of a lot more than your hand can imagine, that's for sure.'

'If l wasn't so stuffed.’ He belched loudly. ‘l'd get up right now and pin you down to the floor.'

‘Spoken like a true fatty.’ She kissed his cheek. ‘Never fear,’ she added, tickling his double chin again. ‘I’m gonna ride you like a chubby steer, once l know you've had your fill.'

‘And I’d say you’d eat a lot to get at it tonight.’ She patted at her butt as she turned to head for the kitchen door, and glanced back to give him a wink.

‘I’m a victim of my own success.’ He cradled his belly and sighed. ‘And my poor work pants can attest that you like 'em big.’

'They could always bigger!' She shouted back as she disappeared through the door.

'Working on it!' He replied, as he picked up a candy from the box by the couch and popped it in his mouth.

'Me too.' She hummed, as she filled the blender with an ungodly amount of cream. 'Me too,' she chuckled to herself again, as she picked up the chocolate syrup and began to squeeze.

*** *** ***
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