witch of the woods

chapter 1

Tucker was a fitness freak. With an intense work out schedule along with a very restrictive diet, it was no wonder he had the body of a god. He had chiseled abs, a sharp jaw line, toned arms and legs that any man would die for.
Like most weekends, he and his girlfriend went for a hike. Although it was always an early start to drive out to these hikes, it always gave Tucker a great opportunity to flex on his insta. He also always noticed the stress fade away from Vanessa during their hike. After all, being seniors in college takes it's toll. While Tucker had managed to maintain his sculpted body, Vanessa's heavier class load caused her to gain a decent amount of weight. He thought she looked cute with it, and often spent time in front of the mirror in his apartment with the same weight on him.
Being a hot day, it was only a small amount of time before tucker was only wearing his shorts and backpack.
Little did he know that in these woods, he would be able to experiment as much as he wanted. You see, a witch lived in these woods who loved to feed on fat men. Having existed for thousands of years her powers were waning. Her sight was almost completely gone and her mind had begun to allow many things to slip. Through her years she had mastered the art of fattening men into huge hogs.
The local town's baker had been lost in the forest - whom she had misled with some simple spells. He was naturally very lazy, accustomed to devouring leftover pastries and cakes from the day. The witch had put him on a diet such that his weight had more than doubled, very quickly, without he really protests ... Then, when he refused to fatten again, she had no trouble forcing him to fill up and finally become much wider than he was tall, belly level! It had cost the witch eight months of work, but the poor boy was perfectly tender and juicy, and so fleshy that she had been able to feast for a while!

The second remarkable prey for the witch had been a criminal on the run. He had stumbled upon her home, lost, hungry like a wolf. Once seated in the kitchen, the witch had served cakes and pies in abundance, which he had eaten immediately. But when she had tried to feed him a little more, he had resisted forcefully. He was a sturdy guy, well built, much more agitated and muscular than the poor old woman expected. So she had the idea of locking her in a cage so that he would not run away. and to stop running all the time. The witch gained full satisfaction by doing so. The boy ended up eating all that she served him, not just enough to appease her hunger ... As she arranged for the cage to be always cluttered with dishes, and as he was so bored, with no other leisure than to fill his stomach to gain a little space, the handsome boy soon began to swallow huge quantities of foods. And as he was still sitting in the cage, almost motionless, his belly was getting bigger!

However, the witch did not see very well what became of her prey in the darkness. To know how he was getting fat, she asked him from time to time to hold out a finger through the bars. And the poor boy obeyed him without resisting. After a few months, it was almost no longer a finger but a thick warm sausage he presented ... Finally, the witch had forced him to gorge himself with creams, desserts and pastries until his belly overflows on all sides of the cage. After a year and six months, he was perfectly fine. He had outgrown the cage causing stress on his magnificent belly. It spilled between the bars leaving barely any room for his arms and legs that had been swallowed by his fat. The witch had made such a treat that this method would always be the most effective for her.

The few boys she managed to capture later suffered the same fate. And, hoping to meet a greediest, she had finally enlarged the cage. Converting her basement into a makeshift hog dungeon. A cell was large enough for a magic scale to weigh the men along with a reinforced bed and space for any thing a pig might be able to be encouraged with to keep eating.
Upon entering the range that the witch's attraction spell worked, Tucker's bare stomach growled. He rubbed his abs and complained. Although Vanessa had packed a healthy lunch, upon opening Tucker's backpack nothing could be found.
After walking back in the direction that he had thought was to their car, he stumped upon an orderly house. It had beautiful and whimsical landscaping that seemed so peaceful along with a view of a lake and a mountain. Turning around he noticed Vanessa was not behind him.
"VANESSA!" He shouted, "HEY, BABE!". With no response.
Then a smell caught his attention. It smelled like so many different kinds of breakfasts foods that he always avoided and it enticed him. Having only had a light breakfast, he headed straight for the front door.
Knocking on the door caused it to swing open intensifying the smell. Walking in he found the kitchen table covered in a breakfast spread for a group of people.
"Is anyone home?!" He yelled. No reply followed so he decided to have a donut or two. Before he knew it he was gorging himself on all that was before him. His hunger failed to dissipate. He was so engrossed in this activity that he didn't notice a old woman enter the room.
"Why hello there?" she said to the room.
"Sorry Ma'am, I'm just so hungry and no one answered" He said getting up with both hands on his engorged stomach. He felt how round the food had made him and he started to get hard.
"Don't worry young man!" She said, "I cook all this food and no one seems to ever get this far on the trail to enjoy it." Tucker noticed she moved about the kitchen lightly tapping with her staff. They exchange small talk and he learns that she has lived up here from sometime.
Tucker smiled and decided to sit down and continue. After all, there was no one else on the trails he saw and he deserved this having maintained his diet for so long. As a reward, he still receives other jam donuts, which his hostess sprinkles with chocolate milk and whipped cream. Finally the witch has to slowly feed him Nutella waffles.

She begins to gently massage his bloated stomach, slowly first, and then more and more insistent - she invites the boy to eat again, and to fill up the belly to the maximum, presenting him the waffles in front of her mouth ...

"No..... more.....," Tucker complains, between two big mouthfuls and loud bursts from time to time. "Why can not I go to sleep, too? I'm sleepy, and my stomach is so full ... "
"Buuurp ... I'm sorry, I ... uuuUUUUUUUuur ... I really think I'm going to burst!"

She helps to bring Tucker downstairs to the cozy bed where he fall asleep belly up. Using a quick scanning spell she finds that he has the potential to become the biggest of all her past projects. His dormant desire to eat himself into an immobile hog is there and more intense than any past boy she's seen.

"Yes ... I'll take care of you for a few weeks ..." she murmurs. "And what a delicious meal I will have with his appetite! You'll be as fat and fatter as everyone else, Tucker. !!! Ha ha ha ha! "
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