witches like dagwoods & cream soda

chapter 1 - done

Far from the nearest human town, there was a small house nestled in the woods. Its inhabitant Gertrude stepped outside stretching her arms upwards and surveyed the sky, seeing that it was a hald hour after midday.

She thought, let's see if I can find something to eat in town; don't feel like hunting for deer or rabbit.

This familiar pattern of decision-making recurred almost everyday now. When there were times Gerti didn't go into town, she had to summon a few wolves to hunt game for her. The lavender-skinned witch summoned an orange portal, one that was wide enough to contain her billowing figure as she entered.

Then she was in Brighton, a cute, sleepy town of eight thousand people. Everyone in the town knew her via coexistence for the last several decades, and the townspeople grew to respect her gifts of healing magic and other things. Gertrude walked down the sidewalk filled with shops, a drug store, and cafe. A few mortals walked by her, waving or greeted. Her stomach began rumbling again, reminding why she came into town. Where should she have for lunch? The local Irish pub? Nah. The shawarma shop? Not in the mood. The soul food restaurant? Stomach wasn't in the mood to digest all that unhealthy deliciousness this time. The witch continued waddling down the sidewalk and turned at the corner. After taking another thirty steps Gertrude stopped and looked at the hanging sign of a deli shop.

Oh. Something different.

The fat woman entered the cozy little eatery and was greeted by a cashier at the counter.

“Good afternoon ma’am. Take a seat and we'll have a server right out to take order whenever you're ready.”

“Thank you.”

Gertrude approached a table and enchanted the chair for quadruple strength so it would be able to support her ample weight indefinitely. (And it would be a blessing help for the employees.) She was given a menu displaying a multitude of delicious sandwiches ranging from submarines to chicken clubs to even gyros. Then yellow words popped into her eyes, “All-You-Can-Eat Deal?”

The waitress answered, “Yes, we have a unlimited meal deal for a short time. You can order any sandwich, drink, and side as many times as you like. Would you like to get that?”

“Sure thing. I'll just pick out a sandwich.”

A sandwich with multiple layers and condiments called “Dagwood”. It was a tall, multi-layered sandwich with various kinds of meats, cheese, sliced veggies, and condiments. Gertrude had to admit she have never heard of such a sandwich, but looking at the picture made her want it. A lot. “I'd like to pick the Dagwood please.”

“Sure thing. Anything to drink?”

“Cream soda.”

The waitress went to fetch two large, seven-layered Dagwoods and a huge glass of cream soda. The witch picked up the first sandwich and took a huge bite. That was… too good to start with just one bite. So she took another. Then another, before the sandwich was reduced to nothing but crumbs and bits of meat. She took a massive gulp of her cream soda. Then she turned to the second sandwich with an insane look of glee.


--Several hours later--

The waitress approached Gertrude’s table. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

The massive witch stopped in the middle of her upteenth number of Dagwood and craned her thick, piggish neck over at the young server with her lunch deeply caked into her mouth. The table was filled with towers of stacked plates and several empty glasses.

“Mmph… ye-es?” Gertrude swallowed and let out a roaring belch that shook the table.

The server stepped back a bit to get her bearings from the repulsive burp before saying, “I'm afraid we can't serve you anymore sandwiches.”

That killed the mood. Gertrude reached a porky hand for the napkins that were untouched since she got here. “Aw…. I… ugh… you're right. I'm so sorry about that. I never had this kind of sandwich before and it's really good. It filled me up. I suppose I lost track of time.” The witch mentally cringed at the sheepish respond, knowing fully well she took advantage of this offer.

The witch's overstuffed gut worked hard to dissolve its contents as she was finishing her last sandwich. Gertrude wiped her mouth with three more napkins. She wiggled in her chair trying to move after being seated almost motionless for the last five hours. She released another earth-shattering burp again while moving. The waitress, trying to evade staring at the massive blob, quickly realizing she needed help getting up.

It took three workers to help Gertrude out of her seat, which didn't turn out too terrible as one would think. For one thing, there were no close spaces and she wasn't sitting in one of the booths. But what the employees didn't like was them grabbing onto her multiple rolls to help her lift up from the chair.

She belched once again while she was finally in her feet. Gertrude paid the waitress and went off her merry way. The waitress bid farewell and told the witch to come again, despite the pained looks of disapproval from her coworkers.

When the witch waddled out of the restaurant, she was almost shocked at how long she dined! The sun was near the horizon and the sky was darkening fast. She said, “Okay, better use instant travel.” The orange portal appeared again and to her dismay, it appeared… a good few feet from where she was standing. The witch cringed that she had to make some steps toward the portal.

Gertrude looked down at her porky legs and knew she had to go for it. All it took was one step and a jolt shook the very entirety of her girth. And not just that, she didn't even take that much of a step anyway. It was going to take a little longer than she'd thought. The lilac-skinned woman took another step. Then another. And another. She was just starting to feel comfortable walking until her slight bout of determination disappeared and she became worn out, and it wasn't so much her legs more than it her was her overly stuffed belly that hang dangerously passed her thick knees. She planted her hand on it and it sloshed slightly. Definitely full to the brim, Gertrude hadn't realized she grown this fat.

Without a second thought, Gertrude disregard that thought and picked up the pace before finally stepping to the portal. Finally, her home. The witch smirked at this little victory while panting and wiping sweat from her brow. She stood in place for a few moments to recovery from the strenuous "walking".

As she started to walk Gertrude heard a loud tear from the back. Her teeth grind against each other as she turned around as best she could and her leggings gained a huge opening rip, exposing the undergarments. Gertrude's face contorted into a hardened cringe of embarrassment before letting out a exasperated groan.

"At least I got home on time..." She muttered
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