working with a feeder

chapter 1

I got the job at the Pizza Palace! Now i could finally earn my own money, and i could already start today. And i was going to, i wanted this job so badly! It payed well, i could take free pizzas home after work, and there was a cute boy working there too, win win! There was the bus that i had to take, to get to the Pizza Palace. I was the only one in the bus, so it was pretty quiet.

I pushed the door open. The cute boy was working today, so maybe i would see him often. There were a few costumers, so i had no need to rush. I walked straight to the office to get my uniform. Then i were introduced to the worker, i would be working with every time. It was the cute boy!! Could this day get any better?! ,,Hi, my name is Zayn, and i will learn you have to work i here." He said. Zayn, what a beautiful name. ,,My name is Elena. I look forward to work with you!" And i really did mean that, no doubt about that!

The Pizza Palace was already closed. The time had flewn by, and that is understandable, when you work with a super hot guy. ,,You want some pizza?" He asked. ,,Yes thank you!" I answered. He took a pizza that was in the oven. ,,I bet you can't eat the whole pizza!" He said smiling. ,,Of course i can, I'm the biggest pizza lover, the history has ever heard of." I answered. ,,Then prove it!" He said. ,,You get 20 bucks If you can do it". I needed the money, so i started eating the pizza. Just now i realized, How hungry i was. I just ate, and before i realized it, i had eaten the whole pizza. I was still hungry. That was weird, normally i'd only eat 3 slices of a pizza. I started eating of another pizza, that he had brought to the table. ,,You did it! Here you go, 20 bucks. You must be pretty hungry after a long day." He handed the 20 bucks, and i answered: ,,Yes, normally i only eat 3 slices".

I jumped right into bed, after i got home. The day had been good, especially the time after we closed. Zayn was like perfect! He was so sweet, charming and funny! And i had another work day tomorrow!
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Egveitikki 6 years
Yes he did, i wrote a wrong number, sorry for that! I am not very good at English, because i'm from the Faroe Islands, so sorry for my grammar.
Juicy 6 years
If you want to write more stories in the future, it would probably help to run the spelling and grammar checker and then get someone to edit it for you. This could be a fun story, but it needs some work. Good luck!
Theswordsman 6 years
Good story but didnt he say 30 bucks?