you'll do perfectly

chapter 1

She was so slim when she met him.

Former athlete who was practically on every sports team at school.

Now she could feel all of her jiggle and wobble; her bare feet slapping the floor loudly as she plodded along. Her heavy breathing so loud in her own ears it almost fully masked the sound of her thighs rubbing together to her. Mouth hanging open, double chin swaying, as she waddled forward.

She wasn't moving quickly -- those days were in her past. She'd just gotten pathetically fat and out of shape too quickly for her body to know how to deal with.

For a split second she silently cursed the jean shorts her boyfriend had instructed her to wear today. Then she remembered they weren't buttoned or zipped up. Both sides of the zip folded over to create a V highlighted by the vest top that couldn't get past her cavernous belly button. The feeling of restriction she was feeling wasn't tight clothes -- it was her skin trying to contain all the blubber she'd packed on.

She finally reached the television room. The distance was a short one; the lumber there was an increasingly long one every time the fat girl did it.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She attempted uselessly to cover up how out of breath she was. She still spoke to him with a manner as if they had a normal relationship. As if they were still completely enamoured with one another. As if she wasn't a whale who had gotten too fat to see her own pussy and feet.

Daniel opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by one of the two men sat on the sofa opposite him.

"Holy heck, man. She got huge! Look at that ***!"

Turning to look at the man, she instantly recognised him. Charlie Springs. The student going for his PhD in Sports Exercise who took a job as a part time coach at her school a few years ago.

"Come on, tubs. Say hi. I know you remember me."

"Now, to be fair to her," Daniel chimed in, "she's very out of breath from the walk to the room from her bed."

This caused all three men to laugh -- Daniel in his own way of smirking.

"Walk? The hog waddles!" Charlie carried on laughing.

"Yeah she does." Daniel made one motion with his head and she knew what to do. She began waddling towards Charlie.

"Careful of an earthquake." This was the first thing she'd heard the unnamed man who sat closer to Daniel say.

She stopped in front of Charlie. Embarrassment buzzed over her.

"Shake that gut, lardass."

She looked at Daniel, trying to get out of Charlie's request.

No, demand.

"I said," Charlie sat forward and slapped the boulder of blubber hanging out of her top, "shake that gut, pig."

She groaned and burped at the pressure of the slap.

"Do as you're told."

She knew she couldn't disobey Daniel.

Holding her gut by either side by her plump hands, she shook it.

"Keep going."

"I can't." She was already panting. Poor out of shape porker. "It's too heavy."

"Too heavy?" Charlie asked. "It's your own gut. What the hell happened to you?"

"...I got fat. I lost control of my appetite and I got lazy. Now I'm huge."

Charlie smiled. "Yes, you are. You'll do perfectly."
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