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Chapter 1

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Another 3 months and we were already in August. Our routine had changed a little in that time but the gaining didn’t stop. I went back to my house so he would pig out more often without worrying about me seeing him. I visited him on weekends and kept going to the gym. I had lost another 14 pounds and was feeling healthier. My 150 pound body had more energy and I was a lot stronger. Dante on the other hand was getting weaker. He stopped doing exercise once I moved out and every time that I visited him I saw that the fridge was full of fast food leftovers. I had to do his laundry because he wore his clothes until they were all smelly and stained - he would shower every two days, though. I told him that I would help him financially until he could find a job, even when I knew that he wasn’t looking for one. He used the money I gave him to buy food and clothes online. When buying clothes, he would always order a smaller size than that which he needed; even at this point he was in denial! I kept this going because it was just too exciting! I loved putting him in a trance and making him wear the tightest pair of jeans so when he finished eating the button would pop and I was able to tease him.

I was driving to his house with groceries in my car. He had grown tired of fast food and asked me if I could make him dinner - a healthy dinner. I was starting to worry about his health so I decided that I would make him eat more vegetables and fruit but also plenty more fattening desserts. For a starter, I had made a simple salad with corn cream and for our main course some salmon for me and a steak for him. For dessert, we had a cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, some donuts with weight-gain milkshakes and a basket of cookies that I had made. I would only eat the salad and the salmon and put him in a trance and make him eat the pie, the ice cream, the milkshakes and the cookies. I had found myself excited to see him stuffed to the max, breathing with difficulty, with his clothes too tight and his face covered in food. I discovered that this turned me on, and that was the reason why I moved out. I couldn't let him know that or he would take control of the situation. No, I would always make him believe that his body was disgusting to me and that I was disappointed with his lack of exercise. I would tease him wearing sexy clothes and let him see my butt every now and then. I was having so much fun, I didn’t want it to end!

When I got to into the house I realized how much his lifestyle had changed. The house was a total mess. There were empty pizza boxes in the entry and several cans of soda on the floor. He hadn’t checked his mail and it was pilling up on the table next to the door. As I walked into the kitchen I saw a pair of trash bags and dirty dishes. I put the food on the table and went to look for him in his favorite place, the living room. As always, he was seated on the couch playing video games and I could see on the table in front of him several empty bags of chips and a pair of two-liter bottles of soda. He was wearing a dark t-shirt that was big enough to hide his moobs. It had several cheese and ketchup stains, not to mention the sweat patches under his arms. His jeans looked dirty and he was wearing white socks that were all dirty on the soles. He hadn’t cut his hair and now it was a little long, but not too long that it touched his shoulders. It looked greasy and plain. He had a small beard as if he hadn’t shaved in a week and his teeth were starting to look yellow. “Hey Dante, how are you?” I asked sitting next to him. “Fine thanks.” He kept starting at the screen. “Did you bring dinner?” he asked me. “Of course I did. But you haven’t cleaned the kitchen in a while as far as I can see, so I’m going to ask you to get up and do the dishes for me.” His lazy personality had changed him already. “Ugh, okay. But I’ll just do the dishes and then I’m coming back. First let me find a saving point...” When he turned off the console I got up and offered him help to get to his feet. “I don’t need help, I’m not that fat.” Not yet, I thought…

When he got up I could see that his clothes were tight and dirty all over. “You should take a bath before dinner. I’ve brought your clean clothes. Unless the pig likes to be all dirty and smelly.” I slapped his butt and walked into the kitchen. “Hey!” He tried to face me but was too slow. “I’ll take a bath after I’ve done the dishes. And stop calling me a pig!” he said, red in the face. “Calm down, I’m trying to help you. I’m giving you the initiative to lose weight!” I said smiling, and started to put the food on the table. He went to do the dishes while thinking “Why I didn’t take a bath earlier? Those stupid games distracted me… but I don’t smell that bad right?” He smelt his armpit. “Okay, I do smell horrible. And these stupid clothes keep shrinking! Oh who am I kidding? I’ve gotten even fatter!” He took a look at his belly that was touching the sink. “I think that it’s even bigger than last week… why did I eat all those chips? They ‘re going to make my ass bigger!” He then realized that he could see his moobs and nipples pointing out. “Every time after or before dinner I start to feel turned on. And with Nat’s ass around I can’t help it. I hope she won’t notice.” He finished the dishes and turned to see that I had finished placing the food on the table. “You’re done?” I asked, looking at his moobs. “Yes, I’m going back to my game,” he said and walked into the living room. “No so fast porky. You have to take out the garbage then take a bath.” He stopped and looked at me. “Can’t I take it out tomorrow?” he said, as if he was tired. “No! Do it now, it’s not that hard! Ugh, you have gotten so lazy. Hurry up and then go and take a shower.” His face went red when I told him he was lazy – he reluctantly went to take out the garbage and then to his bedroom. I could hear the water so I decided to put the pie and other desserts in the fridge and warmed up everything else.

When I heard the water stop I went to his bedroom and asked him from the door “Are you finished with your shower?” I heard him saying “Yes” and then put him into a trance. “Ok hurry up, dinner is ready. You look hungry, hog.” When I didn’t hear him anymore I opened the door and found him standing in the middle of the room with a towel. “Ok pig, let me see how fat you are. Drop the towel.” As he did I was amazed. His belly was bigger and sagging slightly, almost covering his dick. It had stretch marks and it looked like a beach ball. His moobs were resting on top of it – he was starting to look like a b cup. His arms looked like they still had some muscle tone on them, but they were covered in a layer of fat. Even his fingers looked slightly fatter. The weight of his belly had affected his posture and now he was a little bent. Still, the biggest change was to his lower part.
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Aquarius64 5 years
Yeah! I didn’t realise there was a part 2! This was exactly what was needed!
FrecherTyp 11 years
oh a very nice story please go on ;-= and thanks a lot liked the naughty fattening between the two very much and the tricky ways ^^