you aren't that fat, babe!

chapter 1

Jay was chubby as a kid, but his career as an emo musician prompted him to lose a ton of weight. He was bulimic for years, weighing 120 pounds as a grown, 5'10 man. The effect on his metabolism was rough. When his career ended, the ensuing depression and inactivity, combined with what he had done to his body, put 80 pounds on him in under a year. 80 jiggly, puffy, painfully obvious pounds of pure fat.

His gut was a round dome of flesh that stretched out in front of him. His ass was now plump, his thighs chunky and constantly rubbing together. Even his fingers were bloated with fat, gained so quickly that his body was riddled in stretch marks. He tried to hide it with his clothes, but being unemployed made it impossible to keep buying bigger sizes. No matter what he wore, his fat was on display. Finally climbing on the scale in his mothers bathroom, he had to accept that he crossed 200 pounds.

He didn't want to think about it. He made himself a frozen pizza but as he absent-mindedly ate piece after piece, he decided to look up his BMI. 5'10, 209 pounds.. surely it wasn't that bad. But the BMI calculator told him the cold, hard truth. He was officially OBESE.

He crawled back into bed and turned off the lights. The vibration of his phone rose him as he was drifting off to sleep. It was Rhiannon, one of the hottest girls he had went to school with. They had been texting for weeks, but he had been avoiding actually hanging out with her. He couldn't let her see him this fat. There was no way she would like his bloated, pudgy body. And knowing that he was obese just made him want to hide more. He ignored her text and went to sleep.

Rhiannon had been a very successful retail store manager, but had messed up her career by giving into her addictions one too many times. For a long time she did dangerous drugs, and when she finally vowed to give that up, she started drinking. She had spent years refusing to eat more than 300 calories a day to make sure all the alcohol didn't make her fat. It somehow balanced out.. at 5'4, she was down to 93 pounds.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
How did I ever miss this epic tale??!!

Food has healing powers when combined with love.

I am in the midst of this story, and it is like a five-course meal — deliciously tempting and satisfying.
Fatlilboy 4 years
You really need to edit out the duplicate pages. It's annoying.