you gotta teach her a lesson...

Chapter 1 - "you gotta teach her a lesson..."

, said Abigail to her best friend Paul, in reaction to him telling her that his fiance Becky was cheating on him.

Crestfallen, Paul just put his hands through his hair. "Yeah, I'd like that but ya know, I should have seen it coming".

"Yeah ya should have. I told ya she was no good for you. She was just after your money the whole time.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. She never wanted me. I was just such a fool."

"You got that right", said Abigail. "You know dating your personal trainer is just like dating a stripper."

"Whadaya mean?"

"They're shallow, and they only care about fitness and money. Oh Yeah, and any hot guy that looks at them right is in their pants in a hot jiffie", giggled Abigail before quickly moderating her response in regard to Paul's discomfort, adding "Sorry, I just..."

"No problem", interupted Paul, "You're right. I just wish I could get back at her.

"You could just call the wedding off", said Abigail with a crooked smile.

"No Duh", said Paul. "I might be a sucker but I'm not stupid", retorted Paul with a bit of anger developing out of frustration.

"Or", said Abigail grinning widely through her chubby cheeks.


"Or you can really teach her a lesson by taking away all three of her most valued assets, all at once.

"Whadya mean?", asked Paul with growing curiosity.

"Well, as I said, she prizes fitness, your money, and her ability to fuck any guy she wants, right?"

"Yeah, and?"

"Paul, I hate that skinny two timing bitch as much as you do. Let's play this slow and take it all away.


"Well, she's all about fitness right? She made you lose a ton of weight right?"

"It wasn't that much" lied Paul, kind of embarrassed for the first time in his 40lb weight loss.

"Well gain it all back and some"

"Wait, wait, wait a second. I thought we were supposed to be punishing her?"

"You are, but I'm not done yet."

"Okay, go on"

"With you getting fat again"

"Husky again", corrected Paul.

"Okay, with you getting HUSKY again, she wont have that pretty boy to flash anymore. Then, we start working on her, fattening her up. And when she's a true porker, you dump her, okay?"

"Sounds rather ambitious", laughed Paul for the first time today.

"It is, and that bitch will pay", said Abigail before pushing the first of many donuts into her bestie's mouth.
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