your growing problem

Chapter 1 - freshmen year

Dang just look at yourself (though you wont be seeing yourself from this angle anytime soon, seeing as you can hardly see anything past your belly button these days) you've gotten massive and your family is in shock and horrified.

It started freshmen year at university; by the time you came home for the holidays those all you can eat dining halls, partying, and petty much never working out had piled on your freshmen 15 in just one semester. Almost no one mentioned it that year as it was just 15 pounds, except for your mother who told you to be careful next semester as it looks like you were getting a bit chubby and your younger sister who teased you for having a fatter ass. You promised your mom you'd diet and exercise starting in January and proceeded to pile on an additional 5 pounds over the holidays thanks to your greedy love of sweets.

Come January you met a cute boy in one of your classes and before you know it you're an item. He dotes on your every need and is very sweet. Not to mention all the treats and pastries he brings over to your dorm room and study sessions together. He never even seems to be put off by you out eating him in the dinning halls either, often even encouraging you to grab desert even after you've clearly had too much. He doesn't seem to mind your new extra pounds either, in fact he makes love to you with such passion that you feel sexier than ever, so who are you to deny yourself desert if he insists on it. Oh and the promise you made to your mom to diet and exercise? You all but forgot about it after 2, maybe 3 trips to the gym, if you can call it that. within 15 minutes you were winded and sweaty and found yourself giving up and meandering your way to a dining hall to reward yourself for a good workout. By the 3rd week of January you had completely forgotten about the gym all together as you were much happier spending your evenings in with you new beau. By February, the portions you were eating in the dining hall and the snacks your bf were giving you were steadily increasing, as was your waist line. Though you knew you were getting bigger, even when your whole wardrobe had to be replaced (lovingly provided for by your new man of course), you chose to ignore it and continue enjoying your decadence.

By the end of the semester there was no denying or hiding the fact that you were fat (you out grew your clothes yet again). You had fallen into the habit of stuffing yourself completely at each meal in the dining hall (3 meals a day), plus consuming god knows all the tempting treats your man left around your dorm room during the day, not to mention spending every evening in with him happily stuffing yourself with everything he tempted you with. By April it was not uncommon for you to eat an entire large pizza in an evening while you laid on the couch watching tv with your man, even after your filling dinner. Knowing you were going to get hell from your family when you got home for the summer you began to get nervous. You knew there was no hiding your substantially swollen and fattened gut as it now stuck out past your tits. Your ass had ballooned to, sticking out behind you and spreading wide as you can feel your fattened cheeks jiggle behind you every where you go. You could even feel the cool air conditioning hit your freshly fattened belly as your shirts began to ride up when you raised your hand in class, exposing your pale overfed gut sitting in your lap to everyone who happened to be looking. And that's all not to mention your now substantially meatier arms and thighs. Sensing your nervousness, your boyfriend suggested you look into doing a semester at sea. Besides, traveling and taking classes on a cruise ship all semester would be good for your resume right? Not to mention letting you avoid seeing your parents for a while.

After avoiding the scale for months, as the semester began to end, with some gentle encouragement from your man, you finally got your *** on a scale. when you saw the numbers, after having lean forward to see past your belly, you nearly passed out. You were up another 30 pounds. In just your freshmen year you had blown past the freshmen 15 and were about to finish your first year of college a whopping 50 pounds heavier. Lucky for you, your boyfriend was there to comfort you (he was right behind you the whole time admiring your progress). with lots of comforting from the bf, and some good sex, you had soon forgot about the scale. In fact, after receiving the good news later that evening that you and your boyfriend had been accepted into the semester at sea program you had forgotten about it all together as you gorged yourself on nearly a dozen donuts that your bf had brought you (he claims you can only buy them by the dozen).

Happy that your taking your education seriously your parents happily pay for your semester at sea, as you continue to eat with abandon knowing you won't have to confront them with your substantially fattened body this summer, figuring you'll deal with it later. In the remaining two weeks of the semester, as you prepare for your 3 month cruise, you actually pile on another 5 pounds, putting you within 10 pounds of the big 2-0-0.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Really love your writing style. I want more. Haha.
Lurkymcduck 6 years
Any chance of another chapter?
PlumpSoftKitty 7 years
smiley how exciting! An update!
PlumpSoftKitty 7 years
Great work!
VBN 7 years
Will you keep writing? I can't wait to hear more about the cruise and coming back home smiley
WayTooThin 7 years
Very nice
Jazzman 7 years
So completely possible and plausible. Love the realism. Please continue.
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Love it!!! Bring on more asap please!
Growingyoung 7 years
More to come soon if they response is positive!