roommate fattening

1: meeting andrew

"And done!" I clicked the final button on Craigslist. I've been searching for a new roommate for as long as I could remember; realistically, a solid two months. The empty bedroom haunted my need to have someone new and fresh around. I would definitely offer it to one of my friends but they're not new or fresh.

I left the laptop open and sat down on the couch to open up my phone. A random movie playing as background noise. A quiet ding reverted my attention to the laptop, someone has already left a message about a roommate option. I felt giddy as I walked back over, I leaned onto the desk and began reading my reply.

A 25 year old man, named Andrew who was available to move in same day or whenever is best. He automatically sparked my interest so I typed in his number and gave him a call.

The phone rang annoyingly long, "Hello?" A deep voice spoke back at me almost catching me off guard.

"Hi! I'm Kristen, you commented on my Craigslist ad about a roommate?" My voice chirped up droning out the television behind me.

"Uh, yeah, I did. The room is still available, right?" Soothing, yet rough.

"It is, yes. Would you like to come over later to meet and maybe discuss moving in? I think it's very important to get a grounding." Hearing myself say that was overwhelming even to me.

"Yeah, sure. Uh, I can come over in about an hour. Just text me the address."

We said our goodbyes and I quickly sent the address. I felt so much better now knowing that room hopefully won't be empty for much longer. I dialed the phone again and Postmated some Pizza and cookies. Part of me wanted to bring in even more but I know I should contain myself and not be too forward about that just yet.

Eventually the delivery man brought me the food, I closed the door with my foot and set the boxes on the counter. I turned off the television and quickly wiped down the counters to waste up some time for when Andrew was to arrive which should be any time now.

A few minutes later I could hear knocking on the glass door, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous while opening the door. I looked up slightly and met his face, which looked almost as anxious as I felt. I welcomed him with a warm smile and invited him inside.
A relatively tall dark haired man of Italian descent towered over me. He wasn't fit but he had a large strong build to him, I couldn't help but visioning him strapped to the kitchen chair.
"Are you okay?" The voice I recognized over the phone was a bit more rustic than it sounded before. I felt my face get hot and flustered before I could even reply.

"Yeah, I'm okay," I tried shaking away my evil thoughts and focus on the situation. "I ordered pizza and some snacks so I hope that's okay and that you're hungry. I'm Kristen," I held my hand out shakily and he accepted it in his. I grinned awkwardly as his large hand completely devoured mine. I spoke up again before giving him time to speak, "well, I guess I can show you around first. I know the place is kind of empty, I truly haven't been here for that long," that long meaning a whole 6 months.

He followed me through the living room and down the hall, "it is a little empty. Uh, we could add just some decoration. I have a few things," he shrugged and began listing his items which wouldn't match my aesthetic but I didn't want to scare him away.

"Yeah, well, there are two bathrooms and two bedrooms so we wouldn't have to get in each others way," I entered the empty bedroom for the first time in about a month. It matches the rest of the house; light grey flooring and white walls. The rooms truly aren't that spacious; however, they are large enough to live comfortably and happily. "There's a closet and through the bedrooms are where the bathrooms are," I walked over and opened a door to show the bathroom.

I showed him my room, the storage closet, and he followed me back into the kitchen. "You really didn't have to buy food for this," he gave a wide smile and sat beside me at the granite island. "I really appreciate you being open to letting me move in so soon, I just got out of a relationship and it's been a hard time trying to move out."

We talked for about an hour as I counted the pieces of pizza he ate. I believe he was only being friendly as he only ate three slices and a handful of the cookies. I was taking my bets on how fast I could get him to eat an entire box of both. I felt myself get red again. "Well, it was nice meeting you," he stood up and started for the door, "I should probably get going, just call or text me if you come up with a decision."

"I'll let you know by tomorrow afternoon but I really think I'm open to it. I'm really open to change so I hope you are, too." Maybe I was being slightly too obvious but only time will tell.
I closed the door behind him and started cleaning up the leftover food and put it into the refrigerator.

I opened my laptop to read through the other dozen replies I've gotten since I posted the ad and none of them seem to interest me as much as Andrew has now that I've met him. I deleted the ad and shut the laptop again. I glanced out the window as the sky welcomed darkness.

Andrew sent me a text, "It was nice meeting you." I grinned slightly, we had some chemistry. I'd just have to keep my feeding tendencies hidden for a while and earn some trust.

"I think you're really a good fit. I deleted my ad, you can move in tomorrow when I get off work at 5." I locked my phone and sat back down on the couch.

A new roommate is exactly what I needed. But I also needed someone for a slight experiment.
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MrCotyledon 11 hours
Stellar story. I have been wanting to write a story where a clever girl feeds her boyfriend to a helplessly pudgy state and you have inspired me. Chapter six was very cute. I hope he keeps getting bigger.
Lovly story, so well written i hope to meet a Girl like here
Excellent story, so well written and real. It's like it was happening under the reader's eyes.
Ah dude 7 months
Very good story. Thanks for letting us read it smiley
Chapter 5 is yummy! What a fascinating tale you weave!
hurgon 7 months
Great work - love the mindless munching while absorbed in TV.
Zurea 7 months
Please continue, reminds me of my former roommates if I'm completely honest~
Bbman26 7 months
Just reread this, I love it please continue
truethat 8 months
Please continue - very promising beginning!
jenemc 8 months
Be still my heart. This chapter is so precious I love it
Built4com4t 8 months
Great second chapter...don't stop! :-)
giantjay 8 months
Just discovered this great start to your story - really hope to see you continue it sometime! Would be a real shame not to see where this goes (and grows smiley )
Oh this is an intriguing story!
javigm 1 year
Please continue
ccoolio 2 years
Please oh please continue!!! I love it so far
farmer87 2 years
You are a very talented writer to say the least. The character development has me wanting to know more with every paragraph I read. I like your insert at the end of chapter 2. Chapter 2 was definitely pulling on my heart​ and I could feel the emotio
mhmm a worthy second part i think your story is very sexy with lots of potential for many chapters ;;-) and if you like I could give you a lot of ideas for your continuation ;-) for sure send me a message if you like to hear them
Very nicely done, and a pleasant change from the usual tales on here. Keep up the good work, but don't let it stress you out too much! Write when you feel like it would be my advice. Thanks for posting however smiley
oh no i thought there were new chapters online........
ah please we need more to read :-) you first chapter is addictive^^
Bbman26 2 years
Like the characters, need more chapters!! Lol
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