A new work, a new weight

Chapter 3 - enjoying life

Three weeks went by with the same routing: a lot of food, no gym and late sleeping; however, James kept on going to the gym 2 hours per day. A Monday morning, David woke up, James had already done and was in the kitchen downstairs preparing breakfast. David went to the shower, and look at the mirror; he realized he had no abs any longer... Although that was something he already knew due to the huge meals and the lack of exercise. Nevertheless, he started to dress up, and he was trying to button his 28' jeans when he found out they would not do. "What the f***!? I haven't eaten so much! Have I?" He tried sucking in, and he finally could, but when he sat down in the bed, he discovered that a layer of fat was almost hiding the button and when he bended to tie his shoes, his jeans exploded and the button flew through the bedroom. David didn't know how to react; he was getting fat! James had warned him that if he kept on eating like that he'd be fat, but he didn't listen to him, and this is the result... James could not find out he had torn his 28' jeans, so he took another pair of jeans and save the other ones into the wardrobe. He decided to come back to the gym, it would be easier than going on a diet; so, he went downstairs, had breakfast and went to work.

Once in the university, he met their colleagues, they were finishing their lunch and offered David to sit with them.
- "Hey Dav! Sit with us! We're almost done, we are having dessert. Do you want something?" Adriana asked.
- "No, thank you, I've already eaten and I'm so full!"
- "C'mon, don't you either want a donut or something like that?"
- "Why should I eat that?"
- "Well... It's pretty obvious... Well... We didn't wanna say anything... but you've put on a little weight..."
- "Oh! I didn't know it was so obvious. I'm leaving, I'm late.
After that, David started to control what he ate... However, it was almost impossible without telling James he could not even button his pants: we must not forget they loved eating out and "enjoying life"; but it was too embarrassing. After a few attempts of getting up earlier and going to the gym, he desisted, although his pants kept on shrinking and his body continued growing.

The turning point of our story is the one when James discovered the truth. One night, they had decided going to the cinema and then, going dinner out. James suggested David wearing his 28' jeans because they were perfect to wear with his dark-blue shirt but he said he had lent them to a friend. James didn't suspect of him because David was used to lending his clothes to his friends, so they left and went to the cinema. After watching a film, they went to a restaurant in which David, as usually, stuffed his face; however, he was not worried, since he was wearing his loosest pants. After the dessert, David went to the bathroom and he discovered something weird: his pants were unbuttoned, he tried to buttoned by sucking in, but when he relaxed, they unbuttoned. He did not know what to do... so he decided to hide it using his belt. It seemed easy, but when they were leaving the restaurant, David realized that his wallet had fallen off. He bend to take it and his pants ripped, he was showing his underwear and he turned red: James discovered the truth.

After two weeks of buying new clothes (32' jeans and a pair of 34, L shirts, etc.) and hearing James' laughing, David changed his plan: his husband will be the next one in buying bigger clothes.
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