heather and lucy

a chance encounter

It all started in Nando's. The lads and I were on a night out. Pete had just broken up with Jess - again - and he'd insisted we all go for a "cheeky Nando's, a shit film and enough booze to kill a baby elephant". In the end there was only three of us that could afford to go out. Or at least that's what people had said. I knew a few of my mates were sick of Pete and Jess' constant soap opera of break ups and make ups. The pattern was set in stone now; for a few months Jess would nag and nag, Pete would blow his top and spend the next few weekends copping off with the girls in the dingey night club we always ended up in. Once the girls got wise to him, he would end up back with Jess, telling her he would change and Jess thankful for him back. I would be more disgusted by Pete, if it weren't for the fact that I heard Jess wasn't much better when her friends took her out to 'get over it'.

"She's a fat bitch," Pete exclaimed whilst stripping chicken from the bone. "I tell you, I'd sit there and watch her just stuff herself with chocolate every night. If she thought I was going to keep going out with her as she ballooned, well she's an idiot."

Zach chipped in with some comment or other about how many birds they were going to pull tonight and Pete grinned as he slipped a bit more whiskey into his coke. I nodded as he tipped some more into mine, already too drunk to really care what people might think. The staff at the restaurant were too busy to care what we were doing and there weren't any rules that said we couldn't. Pete was getting pretty sweary, but I had long since learnt that if I pointed out there were kids around, he would just revel in being louder and more offensive. Sometimes I thought about the friends I'd make at Uni next year. They'd be smart and maybe I could go out with the girls I liked without having to care about being criticised.

"Right, off to break the seal", Pete said, polishing off the whisky at the bottom of his glass. Zach followed him to the toilet.

Instinctively, I checked my Facebook. Looking at Jess' photos, Pete was right, she had got pretty fat over the two years they had been going out. Maybe, if they were finally broken up for good, I could get closer to her. This was essentially the last Summer I would be spending in town, so maybe I could be that the guy she slept with to get back at Pete. And she was off to Uni too, so if she put on the Freshers 15 or, better still, the Freshers 30, then she'd be pretty big by the time I was home for Christmas. And then Christmas was just total weight gain for a girl like Jess. I could tell her that I liked her curvy, tell her it was time to finally embrace who she was. Time for her to get over Pete and eat and eat and eat.

God, that was hot to think about. I quickly checked to make sure no one could see my screen and searched for a Tumblr account that shared photos of the type of girls I liked. Cherries was back on the scene and was looking hotter than ever, and there was this Thick Honey girl that looked like a fat Megan Fox. I was looking at a particularly fat blonde, her belly hanging softly onto the sheets, when I realised someone was standing at the entrance to our booth.

"Excuse me."

I looked up from screen, a bit shocked to hear a girl's voice. She paused for a moment, brushed her hair back over her ear and smiled at me.

"May I have that?", she asked, pointing towards me.

I was totally dumbstruck. My brain tripped over itself as it tried to work out what was going on. Was she asking for my phone and knew what I had been looking at? And more confusingly; was she the girl I had been looking at?!

There she was. She had the face of an angel, crystal blue eyes and smooth creamy skin. Her blonde hair was cut just below her jaw line, emphasising a long -if a little pudgy - neck that plunged down into a cleavage that could not be hidden by the blue top that looked strained across her chest. The thin blue stripes of the tops' weave bulged over her massive breasts and had the briefest of rests before they had to stretch over a belly, the sort of which I had only ever seen on the Internet. It was huge. Like a something that could only be a morph or found on a natural wonder like MsChunky. Luckily, she seemed to know that I was gawking at her out of admiration and not disgust, because she bit her lower lip a little and her neck blushed a bit.

"Hi - Steve", I said as way of introduction and started to stand, not understanding how my dream girl had become a reality.

"Lucy", she said, swaying slightly and rubbing together the tight blue jeans that wrapped around her epic thighs. She smiled at me and pointed again, now behind me. "Can I get the sauce?"

My world ended for a moment, when I realised she just wanted the herb sauce. I grabbed it, but before I could lean over to her, she leaned over to me. As she did, her belly squeezed up on the table and I got an impressive view down her top. She must have known that I'd love it, because her eyes told me so.

"Thank you, Steve", she said like she had just licked the whipped cream off a banana split. But before she could stand erect again, some red-headed girl came bouncing over and leaned onto her, wrapping her arms around her belly and pressing her boobs into Lucy's back fat. If she hadn't released her almost straight away, I would have thought she was going to ride her. Lucy had a wicked smile on her face and pushed back with her huge ass as the redhead stood firm and pushed into Lucy's ass cleavage.

"Heather, get off!"

"Who's the boyfriend, Lucy?", the redhead teased.

"Steve", Lucy replied as she stood and pulled her top discreetly back down over her belly.

"He's cute", she said to Lucy, as if I wasn't even there. Turning to me with an eyebrow raised, she smirked. "Well Steve, I'm afraid my friend and I have a mountain of food to get through, so see you later."

With a playful slap that sent Lucy's ass giggling, Heather turned and walked off to a booth two down from us. She must have known I was watching, as she swayed her hips so that her sizeable onion butt bounced and giggled. She had a hourglass figure that was squeezed into a purple and black corset top, which only emphasised the muffin top that hung out of her skin tight jeans.

I looked back at Lucy who was giving me a look that could only be read as "please don't fall for her." It was so adorable that I was briefly trapped by her big blue eyes, before they were pulled down to her big blue boobs and belly.

"Thanks." She smiled and turned around, every step away from me a treat as her thighs rubbed together to make wriggling line that should have been the gap between her legs. Indeed, there was no gap until below the knee where she tapered out into two beautifully tiny feet.

Her walk was mesmerising and the view only got better when she turned sideways to edge herself into her booth. I imagined her belly pressing up against the table and the effort it must take her to wedge herself in. The backs of the sofas that lined the booths were at least two feet away from the table edge. I would need to reach my arms out to my food if I sat all the way back, but there Lucy was, squeezed in and probably having to look over her massive boobs to find her food. Not that it would take her long to find some.

Lucy and Heather's table was stacked with enough food to feed five or six people. There were a few half chickens, plates of wings and garlic bread stacked high. Heather was already gorging on wings and it took me a moment to noticed that she was looking straight at me. Realising I'd been caught, I looked back at my phone, but caught a glimpse of Heather talking to Lucy and laughing.

If only I was a fly on the wall of their booth. All I could see of Lucy was the round of her ass as it strained at the seams of her jeans. They were both stunning girls, not just because of their figures. They would have both been cute if they were thin, but thank the greedy gods, they were both bulging out all over. Lucy was way bigger than Heather, but neither of them could be classed as anything other than fat.

"Right, we off?", Pete asked, returning from the toilets with Zach.

"Erm," I checked my watch, "the film starts in twenty minutes. There's no point in standing about. We could have a dessert."

"A dessert? Ha! Mate, come on, we've already got sweets in the bag, plus let's go get the best seats."

I couldn't argue with that, but all I wanted to do was stall so that I might have more time to look at the girls eating. I couldn't just leave my dream girls only minutes after I had met them, but Zach and Pete started to leave.

Following on behind, I walked passed their booth and I made a small wave at Heather, which she raised an eyebrow to, before reaching for some more garlic bread. I dearly wanted to turn to Lucy to say goodbye, but it would have seemed too keen. In fact, I wanted to turn around and tell her my number, tell her my Facebook name, tell her to marry me, but I didn't. Just as we came to the door of the restaurant, I took one last look at their booth and there was Lucy, looking at me - and she waved.
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Omg I love this!!! It got me off twice but I don't just love it because of that...I love how it's been written, the humour, the personality of the characters everything! It's written how I speak and of the same mind set as my fantasies too!!
I also love
That is all of Part I published. Part II is now in production. Please do add comments to suggest what should happen to our intrepid trio next.
Great read, even though this is a fetish site, the story is very well written. The characters actually have personality, and you get attached and care about them. Bravo to you.
Pretty good read. Have a comment!
Fantastic read, literally looked forward to this everyday. Hope this continues or you continue writing
Wow. An endorsement from a genuine BigCutie. Thanks, Fleur! 😍
I hope you enjoy the next two chapters as much as Lucy and Heather do. "Christmas-in-the-summer" was fun to write.
I have enough written to release a chapter every day for the next week or so. So, get comfy and start enjoy the ride. smiley
Nice premise. Seems like Heather will be driving the plot.
Jacob90 1 year
Fucking loved this.
Cheers, PlaidNok. Sexy and sweet to begin with, but it gets quite explicitly erotic by chapter 3. There is more sex in my writing than in the other stories I have read on here. However, none of it is "nasty" sex. It would be cool if any SS/BBWs on FF coul
Nok 1 year
Sexy and cute first chapter. Don't have time to read the rest right now, but your writing is superb and sweet.
There is plenty to come. At least another five chapters. However, I'd like to hear where you want to characters to go.
I've been developing this story for a while. I hope that you all enjoy it. Hopefully every character will have something to 'satisfy' the readership.