belly stuffing

where the fun begins

So me and a friend had belly stuffing fetishes. I was 13 at the time, same age as most people go through puberty. And this is when I found out about the belly stuffing fetish, and a handy thing called masturbating. I was scared to try it (idk why lol) and didn't...until my friend did it to me. Here's a story of finding out how good masturbating feels, as well as belly stuffing.

So her family often went on business trips on the weekend, and I was always invited to keep her company. She said we could order pizza when we wanted to, and gave us a debit card with some money on it. We ordered 2 large pizzas, I guess we were hungry. Well I was at least. When it got here, we paid for it and sat down in her room.

She had a large bed, enough for both of us to sit on, with extra space. It was very soft, and so comfortable. When the pizza arrived, I was ravenous. I ate a good 3/4 of the pizza, and my friend ate like 2 slices. Now let me tell you the best part. Since it was just us two, we had nothing but a bra and panties. "Ugh, I'm stuffed," I say as I lay down on the bed. My belly was somewhat extended, and it turned me on. "Woah, you can say that again," my friend says as she pats my belly. This turns me on even more, but I don't give it away. I also didn't know that my friend also had the fetish atm, and wondered why she was doing this. But I did not mind. Not at all. "You sure you don't want to eat more food? There's loads of pizza," she says, in a very persuasive manner. I blushed at this, and suggested that I should eat more. So I did. I ate the rest of my pizza, and 2 of my friend's.
"No more...." I mutter. My belly is at its maximum size now, and cannot extend any longer. Then I relocate myself to show my belly button towards her. This really turned me on, and didn't try to hide the fact that I was really blushing. At this moment, I realized...I'm bi. I liked guys before, but this turning me on made me realize that I liked her. My stomach was so large, that I couldn't see over my stomach while lying down. So I didn't see her hand slowly going next to my vagina...and then touching it. Thoughts go fast in and out of my mind. I first thought in confusion. Why is she touching it? But then I realize I wanted her to touch it. When I realized that, I noticed the pleasure I was feeling. She was rubbing my clitoris.
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