belly stuffing

discovering something new

Today when I ask her why she did this, she says,"Well, you were practically asking for it." Which I was. Now back to the story. I didn't react right away when she did this. First I was thinking: Ohhh that feels good. Then I noticed the rubbing sensation. She was rubbing my clitoris in circles. "You're soooo wet, I can see it through your underwear." She continued rubbing it for a good 10 minutes, me without question.

Then she does another thing unexpected. I guess she was on a roll. She got on top of me and my overstuffed belly, and kissed me. I always wondered why people kissed. Did it feel good? If so, how does it feel? Let's just say, I know why now. We kept kissing, me being a little startled, but kept doing it anyway. Her knee was still on my clit, rubbing it with it. I doubt anybody orgasms the first time with this, but I did. The rising sensation kept rising, I moaned in pleasure. Then it hit me. It hit me full force like a hurricane. A hurricane of pleasure.

I broke away from the kiss, and convulsed with each contraction. My legs tensed. My toes curled. I moaned and kind of giggled at the pleasure. Yes, I giggle during my orgasms. This went on for a good 15 seconds, and I relaxed. My mind was flying around like crazy. My heart was still pounding. I couldn't believe what just happened. All I could say was, "WOW." She smiles with my reaction."I always wanted to do that." she says mischievously. I asked her when she learned to do such things. "I first learned about it when I was 10. I learned it felt good, and did it up to now. I just improvised everything else from there."

We looked at the last two remaining pizzas. She looked at me and smiled. "Nu-uh, too full," I reply to her facial expression. "Want me to feed it to you?", she says. Feeding me? I never knew such a thing existed. But the thought turned me on even more, my vagina tingling at the thought. I always had a large appetite, but this was crazy. I reply with a vigorous nod and a smile. "All right, let's get started." I leaned back on the pillows, one hand on my belly, other one hanging from the bed. "Ready." I shift to get myself comfortable with the position. She lowers one pizza to my mouth. She holds up my chin, so all I have to do is chew. I painfully eat the first pizza. Then the second. "Ughhhh," I moan, lying completely flat on my back. I see my belly extended over my breast. She kisses my belly button, which to my surprise, feels really good. "Ohhhhh," I reply with satisfaction.

More to come :D. And also if you didn't know, this is a true story. Also how my secret relationship with my gf started. (Shhh, my parents still don't know.)
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