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Don't worry! This is NOT replacing MY story! I just have a lot of messages asking about Rebecca, so here you go!

I was underweight for 12 years of my life. When I was 10 School was infested with bullies and they picked on me for being Asian and being fat, even though I was a perfectly healthy weight, in fact i was UNDERweight. I took the bullying to heart and thought that I WAS fat, that I WAS what everyone said that I was. I stopped eating all the gorgeous meals mom cooked and she started to worry about me.

Before I was even born mom and dad divorces and I was never allowed to see dad because he took drugs and drank a lot. He wasn't a good person. I have a half brother which my dad and his ex girlfriend had given birth to, his name was Micheal and he was 2 years younger than me, he lived with his mom for all my life.

Age 11, I was 20lbs underweight I was still being bullied for being SKINNY this time and it had to STOP. I then ate second and sometimes even third helpings of everything I ate and was constantly eating snacks, mom was happy about that. I assumed it was because my weight was healthy again... but there was MORE to it...

Not long after my 12th birthday I had enough. I told mom all about the bullying and she fixed it. She took me out of school for the rest of my life and I was home-schooled, even though mom didn't actually educate me. That was the beginning of my lazy life...

After leaving school I did less and less exercise and got cubbier and chubbier. My belly went from inwards to flat to outwards these past two years. My legs grew from twigs to small sticks. My ass was thicker and my belly was softer.

One day after a huge dinner I dozed off and woke up to mom playing with my small belly. She admitted to me she enjoyed seeing me getting bigger, and that's when I realised I enjoyed it too!

After this I was perfectly happy with mom feeding me and playing with my fat. I was her little piggy and I was happy about that. Meals gradually got heavier and I was taught the art of continuing to eat after getting full. Mom taught me well how to be a feedee and she was already perfect in her feeder role.
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