a little body, a lot of weight

introduction: the discovery

Another night, another outing. Friday, he'd be up late tonight, but as long as he stayed in his room just a bit longer, it'd be fine. Grab the food, get back home. Speed wasn't an issue, for her people were quick on their feet. Having to survive among their larger counterparts, the Migho had become masters of stealth. The Migho, a race of humans no taller than 4 inches, embraced stealth as their ally. Living undetected, hidden by night, they thrived off of our food, shelter, and resources. Life was harder for the Migho that found themselves in highly populated areas, but that only made them better at evading sight. Julie, had found her dwelling in the home of a "colossus" as they were jokingly nicknamed. Most Migho wouldn't dare share a home with their larger cousins, but having done it for moths, Julie was confident she'd never be caught. Tonight was Friday, the titan of the house usually stayed in his room these nights, very occasionally emerging. Checking the time on a stolen watch, she emerged from her dwelling place. It wasn't much, a small compartment within a vent. In there, Julie always felt safe, she didn't even think the owner of the house knew it was there. Moving the vent cover slightly, she squeezed out and slid down onto the couch below the vent. Her mission was clear and simple, gather food from the kitchen, bring it back. She hadn't gone hungry yet, tonight would he no different. Julie was quite athletic, as were most of the Migho. She often ran and explored, keeping herself in shape. After all, being caught was no option. She had to remain able to evade. Maybe after she ate a nice meal, she'd leave again to do some exploring after she knew the colossus had gone to sleep. Maybe she'd finally go into his room. Julie was getting sidetracked, she had a mission. Darting from the living room into the kitchen, she climbed up the counter using her trusty grappling hook. It was just a few long pieces of string twisted tightly together and bound with tape to ensure they wouldn't come undone. Tied at the end was a hook made from a cut and bent paper clip. Scaling the counter and pulling back her rope once she reached the top, Julie was greeted with a long awaited sight. It was a cupcake, something she hadn't tasted in a month. It was sitting on a napkin right in the middle of the counter. It looked so delicious, Julie just couldn't help her growling stomach. Taking a bite out of the cake part, she remembered how delicious these tasty treats were. There was no time to waste however, her quick fix was over. Tearing off as much as she could, making sure to get some of that heavenly icing, she loaded a good helping into her sack. Now was the easy part, getting back to her sanctuary. Lowering the rope down to the floor and making sure the hook was secure, Julie slid down to the kitchen floor and reeled her tool back in. Now, a mad dash back to the living room. The light pitter patter of her little feet against the tiled floor seemed to echo through the dark house. Faintly, she could hear the sound of his television in the distance.

"Good," Julie thought to herself. "He's still occupied."

Now, she'd reached where the tile became the carpet. Julie had made it back to the living room. Scaling the couch against the wall, she tossed her hook up to the vent and began to climb. Setting her foot on the ledge, Julie was about to slip back into the vent, when her worst nightmare manifested itself into a reality. The screw on the other side of the vent cover popped out of its socket, needing to be tightened no doubt. Her, her meal, and the vent cover went plummeting down to the couch. The cover clattered to the floor, just off of the rug. The sound was terrible, it was everything she'd ever feared. The faint murmur of the TV immediately stopped and the sound of his bedroom door flying open sounded in the quiet house. Julie retreated into a particularly shadow covered corner, she wouldn't have time to find a good spot in the open room. There she stood, clutching her bag of cake, as the sound of colossal footsteps came down the hallway...

It had been a regular Friday night for Alex. Pacific Rim was on the roster this Friday, he'd been meaning to watch it. It was twenty minutes in when his movie watching pleasure was interrupted. The sound of something falling down in the living room brought Alex to his feet. Throwing open the door and treading down the hallway, he held his flashlight tightly. Had he remembered to lock the door? Of course, he always did. Did he lock the windows? Of course not, there were no locks. What had caused the noise? Switching on the flashlight, a beacon of illumination brought sight to the darkness. Quickly, the culprit was identified.

"Heh, just that stupid vent cover. Man, I should've tightened it earlier. Whatever, it can wait until the movie's done," Alex muttered to himself. He walked over to pick up the vent cover to place it on the couch, but his flashlight revealed more than just the corner of the room. It was weird, he wasn't even sure what it was he was looking at at first.

"What the hell?" Alex exclaimed, taking a small step back.

Julie stood paralyzed, caught like a deer in a headlight. Always so brave and daring, she could do nothing but stare in fear as the colossus approached her. Alex, who was normally calm and collected, lunged forwards and grasped the creature in his hand before it could scramble away. Dashing into his room, he sat down in his swivel chair at his desk. Staring at the creature caught in his grip, Alex was in awe. There, squirming in his hand, was a small human! They were blond, pale skin complexion and wearing crude clothes fashioned from pieces of what was likely his own clothing.

"It's been you, hasn't it?" Alex asked, staring at the creature in his hands.

"Excuse me?" Julie stammered, terrified.

"You're the reason I have to keep tightening the vent. You're the reason my stuff keeps disappearing. You're the reason food keeps getting pieces torn out of it! You're the reason some of my clothes of pieces cut out! You're the one making that tapping sound in the vent! That's you moving, isn't it!" Alex stared at her, confused and slightly annoyed.

"I, uh. Well-" Julie was at a loss for words in the face of the giant, but she was cut off.

"It had to be, no bug or rodent could be doing this. It HAD to have been you! Damn, you've been here a long time! This is incredible really, a tiny human? Oh this is too awesome. I can't just show you around, people would think I'm crazy, and I'd probably lose my discovery. I'm assuming you'd rather remain hidden as well," He turned and looked around the room, trying to think of what to do.

Suddenly, it hit him. It was a fiendish idea, it was odd, it was a lot of things. But if it was anything, it was certainly gonna be fun, for him at least.

"Please just, don't hurt me. Please," Julie begged, quivering.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna make sure you won't be darting around everywhere messing with things," Alex said, giving her a devilish grin.

"I'm begging you, don't kill me! I know I've probably messed with your stuff, I'm sorry! Please Titan, I'm begging you, spare me!" Julie cried out, but Alex only kept the same grin on his face.

"I give you my word, you won't be harmed, I just hope you're hungry," Alex laughed, giving her head a hard tap. Julie was out cold...
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I really like the whole concept you're going with. The story seems like its going to be really amusing read.
Nok 2 years
hahaha brilliant!
tap on the head might be a little harsh though, lol