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Roderick Suarez at 20 years old was 5'8 180lbs large frame dark Afro-Latino with Black waxy hair, full lips, brown eyes and smooth Hershey's chocolate complexion. Some affectionately referred to him as "El Negro Galbanzo (Black ChickPea)" due to his problem area of a belly however small still defined his shape.
He was in his Junior year at the Liberal Arts College in West Harlem. He recently met an old acquaintance of his from the old neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Rosa Perez. They were both 17 at Eastern District High School taking classes to graduate earlier during the summer. At this time, Roderick was simply "El Guapo Negrito" as weighing 155lbs, there was no sign of his belly on the XL Black Leather jacket he would wear to school.
On the other hand, Rosa was so ample and soft, just bursting with femininity and fullness in her full figured shape. Honey complexion, ruby red lips, with hands wrists so soft to the touch from her 5'5 255lb frame. The fact she would show no shame when her summer tee would rise showing her creamy poochy belly was no lost on Roderick.
The raven dark colored hair glistening from the sun, seeing the strands from her ponytail resting on her left shoulder was a sight to admire as well. He felt such a delight when she smiled to him with her full face and waved with her soft arms. Looking at her just made his heart race and not stop seeing her wide flaring hips covered by Indigo Blue Old Navy Jeans. They looked to be a size 22; similar to what the clerk at the 6th Ave store had worn a couple of years ago, in his failed attempt at flirting when he was 14. At least he remembered the clerk's nametag said "Marisela" before shouts of "Creepy B)())rd" bombarded him on the store floor before he quickly made his way around the corner on W. 18th St. He then looked into the window seeing the Loss Property Agent carrying a broom, consoling "Marisela".

Quickly thinking back to Rosa, Roderick laid in his bed picturing her lips oils from the alcapurria (Puerto Rican beef Patty) he would hold to her wanting mouth. He just can close his eyes and taste the salty flavored oils that adorned the corners of her lips and mouth. He then held out a Butter Crunch cookie so moist warm sweet, seeing her head lean forward to bite into it. How good to be able to taste the buttery flavor on her soft lips licking them across. He then remembered how it felt to watch "Weezie" from "The Jeffersons" wobble around with a huge purple moomoo covering the pregnant bellycast to teach her husband George a lesson, from being chauvinistic.
According to the TV Guide, the re-run that aired on WPIX11 was titled "My Wife I Think I'll Keep Her (Season 8 Episode 18 Part 1)". Roderick just couldn't wait to record the episode on the VCR as it aired once more. He was 12 at the time; but seeing Weezie wobbling barefoot so swollen deepened his desires, as puberty hit him the year before. How his body craved to have a growing wife carrying his child seeing her exaggerated shape so filled out. The desire was too much, causing his boxers to dampen then just like how his jeans dampened at the sight of Marisela a few years after leaving the store. At least at the age of 17, he knew to take deep breaths to will his desires down to avoid coloring his bedsheets that would need to be washed soon after.
The following day he made up his mind to approach Rosa and ask her out on the $25.00 weekly allowance he saved by not having lunch/snacks after school. All day in between classes, Roderick's mind drifted to how he would spoil pamper feed Rosa and appreciate her through the years growing softer by his hand. She was so nice so kind to him, as he offered to help with whatever she asked for. Knowing this was a few months after her breakup and with their futures not set in stone for the following year, this was the time to let her know how he felt. When another classmate confronted their History Teacher Mr. Giorgiano, about whether Christopher Columbus should still be praised for vilified, Roderick decided to excuse himself from class. Upon making a hallway turn towards Mrs. Schultz Drama Class, Roderick looked down at the mopped floors reflection to see a figure on his knees before a voluptuous shadow that matches Rosa's.

"Te necessito mi amor, sin tu en mi vida, tengo nada, ningun" (I need you my love, without you in my life, I have nothing, no one).
With that sentence, Roderick's heart continued to sink deeper as the whisper of "I do"; echoed louder inside his ears than the hallway walls, as the glistening ring was placed on Rosa's finger by Alberto Rojas. The blue chip CF prospect "...with a rocket arm and hit a fastball a country mile.." repeated ad-nauseum to Roderick's detriment in the school paper. Deflated, he turned around quickly and headed back to Mr. Giorgiano's class. Graduation became more of a blur except feeling emptier when seeing Rosa's belly unable to be unseen in her gown leaving the podium after her Valedictorian speech.
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BlimpCityF 2 years I plan not to rush out chapter 2 as I do have different things in mind as well.
You've got style, and your formatting is better than average but not perfect. I look forward to more. Pacing, and knowing what is and isn't relative to the story, need practice.