chapter 1

Jake pulled up into his suburban driveway. He got out of his Mercedes and locked the door. He wore a suit and carried a brief case, showing he had an office job. High ranking in fact, manager of this region of companies. So why is it that Jake is only living in the suburbs? Well you'll find the answe inside his ranch style house. He walked up the door and reached into his right pocket for his keys. Jake kept the doors locked to protect "his treasure." He put the gold and rusted key into the hole and twisted the knob to the left. He pushed open the average front door to an average living room. He was it with the smell of bacon and the sound of sizzling from deeper in the house.

"Honey I''m home!" He shouted.

"In the kitchen!" A feminete voice shouted back towards him

I should have guessed, Jake thought. He put his suitcase on one of the two chairs and a couch in the living room. He walked towards the kitchen and felt his "blood rush." His beautful wife, Emily stood over the stove. She had long light brown hair that went straight down to the small of her back, or at least were the small would be on a normal girl. Not one hair was out of place. Her belly hung in two folds and was pressed between her and the stove. Emily had a thin face with a big double chin and devilishly blue eyes. Her boobs stood straight out into her pink bra and they were massive, atleast the size of big canolopes. Her pink panties battle with her as which was 3 and a half feet wide. She thunder thighs were riddled with fat, down to her kankles and her massive feet with pink painted toe nails. She turned to him slightly as he stood in the door way. Emily flashed her perfectly white smile and greeted her husband.

"How are you babe?" She asked.

"I had a rough day but I think it just got ten times better." Jake responded.

Jake sat down at the kitchen table behind Emily and loosened his tie. She turned around a gave him a miscveous grin and wink.
"I bet I''m in for a rough night." She told him.

Jake had an errection and wasn't embarrassed of his wife seeing it through his pants. He stood up walked right behind her and hugged her around the waist as she still made her bacon. Jake kissed her and whispered "I love you." In her ear.

"I love you to Jake, now let's see what we can do about this." Emily told him as she unzipped his pants. Jake was in for some pleasure and he knew he would be satisfied.
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