a fat aphrodesiac

chapter 1 a desperate attempt at intimacy

It was the typical Friday night. I was in the den watching God-knows-what on TV, Sasha was in the living room reading. She'd call me into the kitchen after a while. We'd eat some bag salad or some other healthy tasteless option. We'd then retreat to respective rooms again before joining each other in the bedroom. Sometimes we made love, other times Sasha was too tired or I just wasn't into it.

I loved Sasha, but lately our spark had just fizzled. We tried all sorts of things, spending more time together, taking up hobbies, etc..., but we both felt like the passion was missing. I suppose it was pretty normal for a couple who had been together for ten or so years to reach that point, but I wanted excitement, intimacy, and hot steamy sex. I wasn't the only one either. Sasha used to be all over me, but I guess we just were not that adventuresome in the bedroom. Sure, we'd do it every once in a while, but it almost felt like an obligation.

I didn't want to lose Sasha, I just wanted us to rekindle that fire, so I decided to visit the local sex shop to see if there was something I could get to help out in the bedroom. I strolled through the store, looking at vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, and everything else when the attendant came up to check in on me.

"Sir, can I help you find anything?" She was a bubbly blonde girl in a low cut shirt, the perfect person to make lonely looking guys drop hundreds of bucks on sex toys.

"Oh, just looking for something to spice things up." I replied, trying to sound more suave than I actually was.

"Well, what are you and your partner into?" She asked earnestly.

I hesitated for a moment. My wife and I were usually the missionary type. I guess that was the main problem, we rarely tried anything new. "I don't really know." I said. "I'm a bit lost with all of this."

She looked like an idea had popped into her head. "Wait right here." She said as she rushed off the the counter, pulling drawer after drawer out. She was clearly looking for something specific. She came back to me carrying a small vial. "This is a natural supplement that is supposed to help release your inhibitions. Some of our customers have said it's completely revolutionized their sex lives."

Hmm. A vial of strange liquid with no label on it, given to me by a sex shop employee. "Forgive me for being incredulous, but-"

"I know it seems strange, but just take this with you. No charge." She thrust the vial into my hands.

"What's in this for you?" I asked.

""Let's just say that if you this supplement helps you out, you may well be coming back to our shop here to pick up supplies for whatever this awakens in you." She smiled slyly.

Whatever this awakens in me? Well that didn't seem suspicious at all. Still, I took the vial with me. This will probably go unused in a drawer for a long time. And it did for several months until...

Our sex life had been dry for two whole months. I could tell that it was bothering Sasha, but we felt too awkward about it to talk it over. Was this going to be the end of us? Were we just drifting off into the friend zone after being married for so long?

I was very worried about losing Sasha. I still loved her. I still wanted to make her happy, but I felt like we were in a bad rut. We needed something, anything to get us out. Just then my mind drifted to that vial. I'm sure it's not anything bad for us, probably just some sugar water or something. Might as well give it a try.

Sasha had to work late the next night, so I was in charge of dinner. I decided to sprinkle the vial into our salad dressing before mixing the salad up. We'd see if this helped or not.

Sasha came in and sat down at our kitchen table. "How are you, honey?" She said with a vague smile.

"I'm doing good, babe. Here's your salad. I tried to make it special for us." Sasha gave me a warm smile and dug in.

"This dressing tastes a little different. Is it a different brand?" She asked.

"Oh, no, it's just some new packaging of the same brand. Probably tweaked the recipe or something."

"Well, it tastes pretty good. I think this is just what I needed tonight. I feel better after my long day already. Thanks, sweetie." She kissed me on the forehead before retreating to the living room. Was that it? Did it take some time? I certainly felt no different.

Defeated, I returned to the den and lied down on the couch. I was about fifteen minutes into some crappy history channel program when I heard someone come in the room. It was my wife, carrying a case of beer.

"Hey, I thought we should spend some time together drinking some beer, just like we used to." She said, opening one of the bottles.

"Um, sure. That sounds great."

We talked for and laughed for hours, growing increasingly intoxicated. To tell you the truth, I had not been that drunk in a long time. I vaguely remembered making out like teenagers on the couch, but everything past that was a blur.
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Great story. Fat people do have the best sex!
Expatbhm 1 year
One of my favorites too!
hurgon 1 year