the class pet

chapter 1: potential

*BEEP BEEP..... BEEP BEEP* The alarm on professor Michaels' watch alerted him to the fact that his third class of the day (right after lunch) had began. As he began to do his roll call he was interrupted by the squeak of the classroom door. It wad an adorable brunette loaded down with snacks, scurrying to the nearest chair she could find. He gave her a scathing glare and continues down his list. Emily Adams? "Here!" said the girl who had just ran in. She promptly followed this by opening her package of oreo cookies rather loudly. The proffesor could not believe a student would dare eat something so unhealthy in a class that was about diet and exercise.

It was only the first day of school and he might have already found his example for the cautionary portion of the weight gain chapter. "If this young lady is eating in this manner before she meets the freshmen 15, I cant even imagine what she will be like with a little coaxing!" he thought to himself happily. "Now now," he reminded himself. "I must take my time and make absolutely sure that she is my best possible class pet".

Unknown to Emily, Over the next couple months the professor would assess his candidate as best as he could, inside and out. After studying Emily throughout a whole week of classes, Professor Michaels had made a mental note that along with being late everyday, she brought (and ate) 5 different snacks to his class everyday as well.

This went on for about a month or so when he started noticing the pounds sneaking on to her previoulsy boyish figure. When school had begun, she just must've weighed no more than 110lbs. Now, it was clear to him, she had been doing way more than just snacking. If he had to guess he would say she is now every bit of 125, with almost every single pound sticking to her belly. It was very clear that she was rapidly outgrowing her clothing. The professor had never seen anything like it. She had given up on pulling her shirts down for the most part, so he was able to see virtually every pound she gained. Her hips grew wider to accommodate her expanding gut, making her the ultimate pear.
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growingyoung 11 months
Please continue!!
Great story!

P.S. I am a professional editor, so if you ever need some assistance let me know smiley
Nice beginning! I can't wait to see how this erotic tale will unfold smiley
viooltje 1 year
nice story, keep up the good work.
I like it. It's a pretty good start. Is the professor going to be cheating on his wife as he begins an illicit feedee affair with Emily? Does some other girl in class begin suspecting that the professor is a closet FA? So she plumps herself up to avoi
Getting hot now with chap. 2😊
would love this in a gay version
Don't stop.
Phirnyte 1 year
This is actually well written. I'd love to see the next part. smiley
Jazzman 1 year
This is well executed and nicely paced.