o level weight gain

chapter 1

Elis Parry got as he did every morning, going down stairs having 3 bows of cereal, three times more than his mums knowledge. Then he wen't back up for his morning bathroom routine, Elis was a clean freak, first he had his shower then went on to brush his tenth then wash his face in the sink. He walked back into his he room boxer clad and looked in his double wide full body mirror.

He was self conscious in the way he looked because if any girl saw him they would find him very attractive and he was with cute boyish features, dark curly hair like a birds nest on his head and was quite tall. He looked as if he hadn't hit puberty because his body was clear of hair from the head down, yes even down below, he didn't have a deep voice but he still sounded young, his skin was clear from blemishes and acne and finally his package was not very large either. But non of this bothered him he was actually fond of the way he looked but what upset him was he was a little bit fat. He distributed it mainly in his thighs because they where fairly soft and big compared to his size but also had a small soft belly and the stat of man breasts his arms where also bloated giving the impression of impressive biceps but they where squishy to the touch meaning the girls saw but didn't touch. It wasn't the fact that he was fat though that bothered him it was that fact that in his mind he was skinny.

You see his friendship group is school had only one fat member, Patrick, he was around 350lb with ginger hair and was What Elis wanted to be. He was almost worshipped in the friendship group by far the most popular and at brake and lunch took up a bench to him self. He was Ellis's goal not only to look like him but to get a stronger friendship with him because they where the most similar in personality and got on the best but because it was a group of six he wouldn't show favouritism. This was made harder by the fact that Elis was an introvert so he would never complain about it.

But Elis had a plan to seize every thing he wanted. Tbc
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