freya and lexi

(1) lexi's gained weight!

Summer has started. Lexi was a cute, chubby 17 year old. She had light pink hair and blue eyes. Her skin was pale as she spent most of her time inside playing video games. Video games were also the cause of Lexis laziness and chubbiness

The holidays had started and Lexi hadn't a clue what to do. Her teachers had been kind to her as she had no homework. She was single but had many friends so she considered inviting them round hers, but she was barely clothed and was too lazy to have a shower and all that crap.

"Oh well. I'll just play video games," she thought. But after one round of Overwatch she was starving. "Ugh, there better be food," she said, looking down at her soft, doughy belly. It rested on her quite large thighs and she sighed as she realised how fat she was, but it secretly turned her on. She loved being lazy and fat and doing nothing all day.

Lexi lifted her fat little body off her comfy gaming chair and rushed downstairs. Her mom was in the kitchen and as Lexi started emptying a dozen cookies onto a plate her mom said, "Hungry already Lexi? Breakfast was only half an hour ago, and you had more than me and dad put together!"
Lexi rolled her eyes, "Whatever mom! It's not my fault you don't cook enough for breakfast. It's only a snack 'kay?" She slammed the cupboard door shut, picked up the plate and marched upstairs, angry and hurt by what her own mom said.

"Is mom trying to tell me that I'm fat? That I'm greedy?" She looked in the mirror at her half naked self and sighed. She sucked in her gut and she still looked big. Lexi then told herself she had to know HOW big she was. She brought out the scales and climbed onto them.

"153?!" she squealed. Her mouth dropped as she stared at the numbers, 153lbs was quite big for 5 ft 1. She was shocked, embarrassed, worried... But also... Happy? She realised she was happy that she was this big. She started to poke her belly and watched it jiggle for a second. She giggled and started playing with her doughy stomach until she sat her fat ass back in her room and started munching the cookies.

"Y'know what?" Lexi thought. Brushing crumbs off her big boobs and bigger belly, "I'm gonna get bigger on purpose. I wanna have a big, soft belly, with rolls and rolls of fat. I want a bigger butt and huge boobs, I want my thighs to be thicker than a McDonalds shake." She smirked at herself in the mirror, then grabbed at her ass, imagining how big it must be. She started to laugh as she greedily shoved cookie after cookie into her sexy gut.
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Hey theyre not underage in europe smiley its 15 tehre
DoughyBoy073 10 months
Best story I've read in a while
This was very hot, but I'm very confused about why you made the characters underage? It does nothing for the plot, imo, and takes away from a really entrancing story
bradypig 11 months
Bobj8888 11 months
Having 7 chapters already is very impressive. Keep up the good work!
Glubbert 11 months