experiment 99

chapter 1: where am i?

Disclaimer:This story has themes of;Hypnosis;sex change;bdsm and of course weight gain.(but I doubt anyone on here has an issue with that part ;p)

My eyes begin to open from what seemed to be a good nights rest, but of course to my luck I found myself full of shock. I awake not to my soft sheets and calm atmosphere of my bedroom but to what seems to be a very luxurious prison cell...

Then again to call it a cell would be a flawed term. For there were no hardened cold steel windows or concrete carpets. Instead it was a memory foam mattress decking that could very easily be mistaken for clouds, accompanied with the fluffiest purple carpet that almost felt warm and relaxing to touch.The room was not to large though and the only way out seemed to be what looked like a locked door that seemed impossible to open. Especially with the six different lock mechanisms and all. The only furniture in the room was that of an oak bed that had multiple different harnesses and bindings hanging down from its frame. The was also all different kinds of tubes and equipment that would only be imagined in some kind of sci-fi movie. The last noticeable things in the room was a flat screen Tv that was protected behind some kind of glass and a large mirror that was angled perfectly towards the bed.

but no matter how delightful it all was I had one aching question in my head...

"Where am I?"I question to myself as I get up and observe myself in the mirror.

There I stand, topless in a pair of black leggings with what seems to be some kind of strange collar around my neck.
My Long brown hair was as messy as it always was and alongside my smooth, pale baby face its no surprise I've often been mistaken for a young lady.

"I hope you aren't too frightened my dear." calls a soothing voice.

I turn swiftly to find that there is a lady on the flat screen TV. She had bright orange hair that could be mistaken for flame and lime color eyes that sparkled like gems. She seemed to only apply black makeup which only just made the vibrant color of her hair and eyes stand out even more.
And although I never really believed the phrase "love at first sight", even under my circumstances I found myself lost somehow. I don't really know what it was but something about her made me feel. Obedient, ready to obey. It was the strangest feeling I've ever recalled in my entire life.

I simply stand there, too awe inspired to make a single word.

"Not much of a talker ey?"she giggled "That's good, I don't enjoy my subordinates to be too chatty."

I didn't know what to do. Do I respond?

"Anyways, I shan't keep you long we have lots of work to get done and lots of changes to be made." she said folding her arms looking up and down.

"Yes, by the time I'm threw with you, you'll be my prized piggy" she giggled herself.

Prized, what? I thought to myself.

"So where shall we begin?" she questioned to herself. "Ah! How about that adorable shock collar."

She produced the most devilish grin.

"You don't seem slow, I guess you've noticed it?"

I simply nod, feeling too contempt with my very being to give a response.

"See that little device round your neck is linked to this handy little remote here."she says as she waves a small controller in clear view."If I press this button here it will... well I'll demonstrate."

Without hesitation she activates the collar which sends burning waves of electricity down my spine. I drop to my knees in agony gritting my teeth to not let any ounce of a scream out.

"Good,good,good!" she announced with utmost joy "You know not to scream, without any training"

The collar suddenly stops, allowing me to get back to my feet.

"Well now that's established, lets lay down on the bed and get started!"she demanded. "come on chop, chop."

I quickly got onto the bed, too afraid to object after the demonstration of the collars power.
And awaited what the girl had in-store for me.
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balloon 11 months
I really like this story! It contains all my deepest fantasies! Please continue, you write so well. Thank you for posting it!
Prude 11 months
Amazing start