gaining and growing

the belly deal

Sunday mornings were the best, especially when you wake up with the love of your life beside you in your dream house and everything in your life is where it needs to be. Jessie was a energetic and outgoing girl that would do anything for the ones she loved. She slid out of bed and into the bathroom as to not wake up Ben, she flicked back her shoulder length dyed red hair and starred into the mirror. What greeted her was an average height women say 5'9" with blue eyes, a nose that curled up ever so slightly like an elf big smile and defined jaw line. Her frame was well defined with perky B cup breasts slim waist and womanly hips you only saw in movies. She twisted slightly to admire her small butt, it wasn't much but it's all she had. She slipped off her cloths and ran a shower for her self while mulling over the message she got from Brooke.

"Hey can we meet for breakfast? Need some girl hangs right now!!" It wasn't super early but Brooke usually slept in on Sundays so Jessie hurried along and got ready as soon as she could. She past Ben still face down fast asleep, his dark brown hair was a mess like always but at least he had his rugged good looks and charm to pull it off. She slipped on her favourite sunflower dress which hugged her flat stomach and flared out to half way down her thighs.

It was only a 10 minute drive to Jessie and Brooke's favourite cafe, every now and then they snuck in the most fattening meals they could just for fun although Jessie enjoyed it much more than Brooke did. She used to be a bit of a fatty in high school but when she met Ben he was studing to be a lawyer and was quite fit so she altered her lifestyle to match his as they dated and lost a lot of weight. Jessie could already see Brooke sitting at their usual spot inside when she pulled up to park. She had straightened her black hair and tied it in a high ponytail which highlighted her delicate facial features. Her big brown eyes were easy to get lost in and her mocca coloured skin was so sexy. She was built fairly similar to Jessie but being half Brazilian she had wider hips, thick butt and juicier set of tits naturally. She was a little shorter than Jessie but not by much but they both weighed around 120 give or take.

Brooke stood up and hugged Jessie as she got to the table, Jessie instantly noticed Brooke seems stressed however. "Hey wifey what's with the glum face" Jessie joked while tickling Brooke's chin with her index finger. They called each other wifey as a pet nick name, both their husbands were cousins and Jessie and Brooke had known each other since before they met their husbands so they pretended they were a couple for fun. It helped that they worked together in their own office doing Ben's paperwork for his law firm so they would see each other almost everyday.

"Jessie I have something to tell you and I'm really freaking out about it" Brooke started. Jessie went from bubbly to concern real quick and reached out to hold Brooke's hand. "I don't know how to say it so here" she slid over a small snap lock bag with a pregnancy test inside it. Jessie was starring at the stick and then back to Brooke before she gasped.

"Oh my god" she grabbed the bag and pulled it closer to her face "oh my god is it positive....oh my god yes it is!" She squealed and bounced in her chair and then dropped the bag "wait oh shit you pissed on that ew ew ew" she reached over and wiped her hands on Brooke's arm playfully.

"Hey stop that! Come on this is serious" Brooke nervously started tapping her fingers on the table before Jessie grabbed her hand again.

"Babe you're going to have a baby, oh my god does Mark know?" Jessie continued to hold her hand tight.

"Yes we found out last night and he is very excited and wouldn't stop kissing my belly and rubbing it all night, he even make a huge dinner to celebrate and made me eat seconds because he said I have to eat for two now" Brooke started drinking her milkshake while starring out the window "oh god I'm going to get so fat! I already have Brazilian in me and those genes are built for fattening up" Brooke lowered a hand to her belly and started rubbing it in circles more subconsciously then anything. "I do want a baby but who would want to fuck a big old fatty" she pouted in an over exaggerated manner to Jessie.

"Babe you know I would totally do you in a heartbeat" she winked and growled in a flirty manner "just think of how thick and juicy your tits are going to get, you are going to be so hot I won't be able to keep my hands off you" Jessie continued to play flirt but she was secretly already picturing watching her friend fatten up in front of her eyes. She was actually kind of jealous, she had a legitimate reason to just pig out and get as fat as she wanted.

"Jessie come on this is serious, would you want to fatten up over the next eight months?" She continued drinking her milk shake while play pouting "could you image your belly getting bigger and bigger and all your clothes slowly busting while you try to pull them over your chubby thighs and fighting a fat ass?" Jessie was keeping a straight face but she was loving her friend talk about both of them fattening up. "We are going to be the only two in a room together while we work and you get to watch me get absolutely fat everywhere, my tits will be busting through my uniform" Brooke cupped her plump boobs for emphasis "our shirts button up! how is it going to contain the fatten of Brooke" she had both her hands on her belly now. "It would be easier if we could go through together, I don't think I can do this alone" she starred at Jessie with her big beautiful eyes.

"What do you want me to try and out fat you?" Jessie heart had started to pound a bit faster. "I would do it for you babe, I would match you pound for pound" Jessie waa being very serious "I would go above and beyond for you, if you are worried about being the fat one in the office I will go even fatter! How could you worry about how fat you were getting if I out fatted you the whole way!" Jessie proclaimed proudly.

"Jessie what are you talking about? Your not pregnant, I am you won't be getting fatter?" Brooke squinted a little as she watched Jessie.

"Look it will just be between us, I'll show you that you have nothing to worry about. You are growing a baby, if you are worried about what people will think I'll grow a belly even bigger than you. If you gain a pound I'll gain two" Jessie came around and sat beside Brooke and grabbed her belly. "I want to do this, it will be out secret, you will never have to worry about being the fattest in the room when I'm with you" Jessie started rubbing her belly. "I'm here for you, I'm here to make sure this grows" she patted Brooke's belly "but this steals the show" and she placed Brooke's hand on her own belly.

"Jessie I can't ask you to do that, it doesn't make sense, I'll eventually have the baby but you will still have big fat gut" she looked sternly in Jessie's eyes. "I appreciate you wanted to help but I don't want to fatten up and I wouldn't think you did either" Brooke took her hand away from Jessie's belly.

"Brooke I know you, remember when your pants ripped and you were so embarrassed so tore my pants worse and paraded around shouting look at me! I've already made up my mind, I'm going to make sure you fatten up for your baby and I'll out belly you any day of the week" Jessie returned to her seat "trust me, keep this between us and we'll get through this together" Jessie winked and kissed the back of Brooke's hand.

"What will Ben think of this though? He'll have to notice you fattening up right?"

"We don't really do a lot together anymore so I'll get a way with it for a while" Jessie started to twirl her finger in her hair as she did when she was nervous "beside you think I'll let you have all the fun of piggy out on food while you grow your big belly out?" Jessie reassured her over and over.

"Do you want get fat Jessie? You are so skinny now, you worked hard for your body?" Their plates of breakfast had just been placed between them ask Brooke continued on "I suppose it would be nice to just eat and not worry about how much fatter I will be" she looked over her plate off waffles and cream "so what's the deal then? We need to set some guide lines?" Brooke pieced her fork into the waffles and started munching.

"Ha! See I knew I would win" Jessie exclamed as she pour extra butterscotch sauce over her own waffles.

"I've know you long enough to know when you have your mind set on something you'll do it so I may as well try and set some guide lines" Brooke took the butterscotch saucy and piled it on her waffles as well.

"Ok well you only weigh about 120 pounds so for a healthy pregnancy you should gain about 35-40 pounds" Jessie said as she pointed at Brooke's belly with her fork.

"40 pounds!" Brooke dropped her fork and clutched her belly "oh god"

"But...your belly gets huge because of the baby, more than what 40 pounds would do so I guess I should aim to double it" Jessie smiled as she took another big mouthful.

"Jessie that's 80 pounds! You would be 200 pounds or more" Brooke had resumed her eating but a bit slower.

"I'll just stick you doubling or even tripling what you gain because if you get even fatter then I have to keep up with your belly" Jessie was having way too much fun fantasing about this.

"Ok I don't want to think about numbers so let's settle on just doubling what I gain" Brooke was close to finishing her waffles by now. "Oh this seems like a bad idea"

"Please you are going to have the best time, we both get to fatten up but your not aloud to beat me" Jessie winked "I'll be right back" as Jessie ran away to the front counter.

What the hell had she got her friend into Brooke thought as she finished her waffles. Jessie had returned and shortly after so did the waitress with two huge stacks of waffles.

"Let's eat
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Please say another installement is in the works 😁
escape60 4 months
Can't wait to read more smiley
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Any progress on the next chapter/s? Really hoping to see this story continue, it's great so far!
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I'd like to see more of this, it's a good premise
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This is a nice plot with good characters.Could you try just one suggestion? Use the word "you're" at least once. It's a contraction for "you are". If you use it once it will be in your auto correct.
Super Plot!
"Let's eat

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