Skinny jimmy

chapter 3

So jimmy accompanied Mary as they had a look to see what else was on offer at the convention.
Mary got stopped a couple of times to have her photograph taken, but she didn't mind. That was part of cosplay. But as least she was not getting stopped insessantly, which would have happened if she had worn something more famous.
Jimmy had a look at a few tee shirts, but didn't buy anything. He didn't want to waste his money on any old thing. He wanted to see what else was on offer elsewhere first. There might be something better and cheaper on the next stall.
They stopped a while later to have a look at a stall that had 3d printed scenery and boxes on order. Wow! This really was an amazing technology! The detail in some of the models was simply amazing! Then he'd gone on to paint the printed material as well. Jimmy didn't like the way they had been painted, but he knew how he would have done it. It would have looked so much better. Nevertheless, he didn't have the money to spend on such things, it was just intriguing what could be done. There was some less detailed, cheaper stuff to buy as well, but jimmy considered he would rather save up and buy the good stuff rather than have something that would always look cheap and chatty on matter how you painted it.

It was lunchtime. Mary suggested they stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat somewhere. Jimmy agreed, but hoped she didn't pick somewhere too fancy and expensive. Then he suddenly thought he was sort of on a date with this girl. Maybe he should be thinking the opposite and taking her to somewhere flash to impress her.
He wasn't really that hungry. He could have quite happily worked in the shop all day without even thinking about food. As long as he was kept busy, that is.
They stopped at a stall selling sandwiches. Jimmy got a small tuna and sweet corn bap, served with a limp green leaf and half a tomato that they told him was a salad, with coffee. Mary got a cheese and ham panini with 2 limp green leaves and a chunk of cucumber and coffee. She insisted that they treated themselves to a piece of carrot cake each as well. She said it looked delicious! Jimmy thought it looked expensive and extravagant. As they tried to find somewhere to sit and eat, he tried to justify paying over �10 for a meal that he could have done without.
Mary had no such thoughts as she found a good seat overlooking the main part of the hall. She was so exuberant! Jimmy could not believe that such a person could be even slightly attracted to him. What could her ulterior motive be? He was at a loss to think of one as he bit delicately into his unexciting bland sandwich.
He looked over to Mary as she bit into her toasted sandwich. She closed her eyes as she took her first bite. The melted cheese oozed out from between the crisp crunchy slices of toasted Italian bread. She chewed in a most sensual way, savouring the flavour, enjoying every morsel.
Jimmy wished he'd picked the panini. It was 75p more expensive though. He wished he could enjoy food the way it was supposed to be enjoyed, but he considered it a daiily chore he had to do, no matter what.
He thought he'd eaten sufficient after only eating half his sandwich, but he did not want Mary to think bad of him, so he ate the rest as well, unappetising as it was, while Mary ate more slowly, savouring every bite.
Their conversation was easy going. They found plenty to talk about. Jimmy wished he had the confidence the have joined in on the occasion, but he didn't suppose there were many skinny ginger heroes in the fantasy world.
Mary chastised him playfully. He could be whoever he liked! He didn't have to play everything out in his head! Maybe the real darth Vader was ginger underneath his storm trooper helmet.
Jimmy had to laugh at that idea! He relaxed a bit more.
Then she pushed the cake in front of him. He didn't usually eat cake. He didn't eat anything too sweet. It was an indulgence he didnt need. He'd have a few mouthfuls of birthday cake occasionally to be polite, but he rarely ate a whole slice. By the look of her, Mary enjoyed the odd indulgence. She was not fat by any means, but she certainly was not as skinny as he was. She was curvaceous, with an hourglass figure. She was sexy without trying to be, but not over the top.
She took her first bite of the cake. She closed her eyes again. It was so delicious, he would love it! Jimmy was doubtful. Be took his first bite. He chewed and swallowed. All he tasted was the sweetness. He put the cake down. He'd had enough now. He could feel the heaviness of the cake resting in his stomach.
Mary was not going to let him get away with that! "I can see I'm going to have to educate you into tasting your food and not just eating it." She made him take another bite, but this time he had to close his eyes, chew and spread the cake over his tongue. Could he taste the gingery spiciness? Could he taste the textural difference between the soft spongy cake and the silky smooth sweetness of the icing. He should be able to taste the tang of the cheese as the icing melted with the warmth of his mouth.
Jimmy concentrated on the contents of his mouth in a way that he'd never done before. He did exactly as she said and he could actually taste what had first seemed to be just a sweet divulgence.
He even took another mouthful to see if he could get the same flavour sensation.
Before he knew it, he'd actually finished the whole slice!
As he stood up, he wished he hadn't. He could feel the heaviness of his meal weighing him down. How long would he have this feeling for? Would he be slow and sluggish all afternoon because of it?
He involuntarily put a hand on his concave belly. He supposed he would just have a light bite tonight for his dinner, opposed to a main meal. That would make up for the cake.
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Aquarius64 6 years
I think the author might have been distracted from a nuisance phone call and lost their train of thought when writing.
Giantjay 7 years
Wow, Chapter 23 took a really fast, sudden, dark turn... Considering how methodically the previous parts were, this doesn't feel like the same story.
Giantjay 7 years
Lots of potential here, I look forward to lots of character development! smiley
FrecherTyp 7 years
Oh cute beginning and some interesting characters :-)