Skinny jimmy

chapter 4

Mary liked jim's na�vet�. She saw it as her job to properly educate him how to eat and appreciate food. He was painfully thin. That would have to change before she got him in the sack. She hated bones that stuck out and dug into her during sex.
As they talked, they realised they came from the same town. Jim could even be living in one of her dad's properties!
She lived in a more affluent area though. Jim saw this as a barrier. It was two bus rides away. He would have to go into town and then back out again.
Mary saw it as a short car journey. She saw him as someone she could easily control and manipulate to her way of thinking. She'd been looking for the right person for a long time now. Jim was her successful candidate.
She started her scheming immediately. She allowed him to go back to his gameshop area, but she would be back later. She wanted to be taken out for dinner. Oh, he needn't worry about the cost. They could go Dutch!
She went back to her hotel that afternoon. She scanned the internet for suitable restaurants. She checked out their menus and selected a place not too far away from where Jim was.
She got changed out of her Star Trek outfit and wore a dress that accentuated her slim, curvaceous body. She was going to have to be cunning for her plan to work. She selected another restaurant as back up in case the first one was full. She smiled as she checked herself out in the mirror before she left. Tonight would be a turning point in jim's life. If he thought he was stuffed after one measly sandwich and a slice of cake, he was badly mistaken! She imagined what his stomach would feel like if he ate half a dozen sandwiches and a whole cake! ...oh! Her stomach lurched with pleasure at the thought of it... he would need a lot of training before he reached that stage, but it would be soooo worth it!

He looked bewildered as she dragged him enthusiastically out of the conference hall into the streets beyond. They walked passed a cafe, which she disregarded, then led him directly to her chosen restaurant that they 'accidentally' found.

Jimmy did not like the restaurant she had 'found'. It was Chinese. He said he didn't like Chinese. He said he didn't like 'foreign' food. He said he was English and only ate English food.
Mary was perplexed. She didn't understand his argument. There was nothing more British than a chicken tikka Marsala. The dish did not exist in India. It had been invented by Indians in Britain for the British taste.
He said he didn't like Indian either.

They ended up in a pub that sold modern and traditional food. Jim did not want a starter. He opted for fish 'n' chips for his main meal. She ordered a chicken and mushroom pie.
When she saw the plates arriving, she decided that this wasnt such a bad idea at all! The portions were huge! Jim's plate was full of deep fried goodness!

Mary made a deliberate effort not to mention the portion size. She made no attempt to engourage him. they'd only just met. She didn't want to scare him off. She'd done that before, more than once. No, she had to be very careful so that Jim didn't suspect a thing.
She avoided talking about the food by discussing the conference and what was on offer tomorrow. However, she watched him sprinkle plenty of salt, pepper and vinegar on his fish and chips and tuck in. He placed tiny morsels on his fork. He ate slowly and politely. You couldn't beat a nice plate of fish and chips he told her.
Mary agreed meekly and changed the subject.
Halfway through the meal, he complained about the portion size. There was much too much here for him. He said he felt so full, but he liked it so much that he pushed himself on. Five minutes later he was struggling so much he had to put his knife and fork down. He was utterly defeated! He could not eat another thing!
Mary was sure he could, if he really tried. She made some mental notes. To go with the ones she'd made earlier.
She did not even push him to have a desert. It was difficult enough to get him to relax in the bar and have a few drinks.

Jimmy did not know what to order at the busy bar. Mary knew exactly what she wanted. It was one of those fancy alchopop things. Far too blooming expensive for his liking!
The bar was busy. Jimmy had plenty if time to decode what he wanted. He was debating about whether he should have a refreshing lime and lemonade (nice and cheap) or maybe he should be adventurous and try the same as Mary. The barmaid arrived. She needed his order. He took a quick look around. There were some masculine looking chaps in here. They were all drinking pints of something. He needed to impress Mary. He felt he needed to be more assertive, more manly. He ordered a pint of lager.
By the time he sat down, he was already regretting his decision. He was already full from his meal. The beer was full of gas and made him burp. (Quietly and discreetly). How did he ever think he was going to get through a whole pint? It was a lot of liquid for his tiny belly. He sipped at it slowly. Hoping last orders would be called soon and he wouldn't have to finish his drink.

Mary was pleased, yet surprised at his choice of drink. She knew he must have a very small capacity stomach. Drinking beer when he was already full was going to release gas in his gut and make him even more uncomfortable. But it had the potential to stretch that tiny belly of his. Oh yes, Jim was full of potential!
As the alcohol started to affect him, his tongue started to loosen up. He'd barely drank half a pint! He was definitely not a seasoned drinker!
He said he was not a very adventurous person. He said he tended to stick to the same routines every day. He ate the same things hed eaten when he had lived at home. He didn't like Foreign food because he'd never tried it! He did not like the idea of introducing anything new.

Back in her hotel room, Mary opened a new notebook. She wrote down the things she'd learned about him. She suspected he was bored of the same tried and tested bland food. He needed to try new things. He needed to push himself!
She wrote down a few ideas of how she was going to do that.
She had to make food fun for him again. If he enjoyed what he was eating, he might be able to eat better and put a bit of weight on.
...she could hardly wait to get started!
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Aquarius64 6 years
I think the author might have been distracted from a nuisance phone call and lost their train of thought when writing.
Giantjay 7 years
Wow, Chapter 23 took a really fast, sudden, dark turn... Considering how methodically the previous parts were, this doesn't feel like the same story.
Giantjay 7 years
Lots of potential here, I look forward to lots of character development! smiley
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Oh cute beginning and some interesting characters :-)