Skinny jimmy

chapter 5

The next day Mary met Jim again to have a look around the hall and for lunch. Jim said he'd eaten such a huge breakfast at the hotel that he was not hungry. He didn't usually eat breakfast. He wasn't used to this. Indeed, he confessed to sometimes forgetting to have lunch as well and he was no cook, so he'd just have a sandwich for tea.
Mary made more mental notes. No wonder he looked half starved. Because he was starving himself. He lacked proper nourishment! Well she was going to make sure she changed all that!
She said she was going to have something to eat for lunch. It was up to him whether he joined her or not.
Of course, jimmy did not want to seem rude. He bought a sandwich and sat down to eat it with her. He managed to eat only half of it.
Mary told him it was such a waste for him to leave it. He had bought it. It was such a shame for his money to go directly in the bin.
Jimmy did not want to waste his hard earned money. He picked up his sandwich and started eating again, ignoring the heaviness in his belly. At least he didn't have to force a cake in there as well.
No. Mary thought that if she had insisted on cake, she was pushing her luck. She had to be careful with him, or she would be found out.

That afternoon, they had to say goodbye because they were both leaving, but they exchanged telephone numbers. Jimmy was not sure if he would see her again. What would a beautiful shapely rich girl see in him?
Mary assured him that he would definitely see her again. She would make sure of it!
On her way home she imagined his skeletal figure. She imagined feeding him a plate of cream cakes. He accepted them willingly and joyfully. Then afterwards there would be a large hard pot belly to play with!
...oops! She really should concentrate more on the road! She thought as the driver in front of her slowed in the traffic. She was lost in her thoughts and applied the brake just in time to avoid him. In future, she would do all her thinking at home!

She needed to find her baseline she wrote in her notebook. Progress was no good if you didn't know where you were starting from. She really needed measurements. She doubted she could actually weigh him without him knowing it. Even measuring him would be difficult. But she could take pictures of him in his shop uniform. Things he wore everyday.
She arranged to call around at his flat one evening. Jim said he would set up a game for them to play.

She brought round a few cans of beer. If she could start him drinking he would lose a few of his inhibitions. The beer would fill him up with liquid and gas. After a couple of cans the alcohol would make him hungry. Maybe she could make him gorge on something fattening and unhealthy!

Mary noticed the game set out on his living room floor. When she arrived. Jim gave her a peck on the cheek at the door. He accepted the cans as a gift, but, he reminded her, he was not a drinker. Nevertheless, he opened a couple of cans and poured out a glass for himself and one for Mary. Mary accepted casually.
They settled themselves down on the floor to play.

Mary found the rules complicated, but she went along with him. He admitted the game was not easy to begin with. But the next time she played it would be easier and by the time she got round to playing it a third time she would be right into it!
She watched him loosen up as he drank his beer. He started to laugh at her (sometimes deliberate) game mistakes. She was just a girl. She told him. What did she know about combat tactics? Jim laughed again. He would show her what to do. He would have to be patient with her.
Mary's beer glass was empty. She took a toilet break. Jimmy was not really a drinker. He could feel his head spinning already as he stood up. He had only drank half a glass in the last hour. He did not want to seem ungrateful to her. He wanted to be the perfect host. He took the glasses into the kitchen. He opened another can to refil hers. He looked at his glass. He was just going to top it up. Then, all of a sudden, he picked up the glass, closed his eyes and drank what was left in one go.
He exhaled with an ah! Then wiped his mouth. He knew he shouldn't have done it. He burped loudly in the kitchen as he filled his newly empty glass. Then again, it was worth it to get closer to Mary. She appeared at the kitchen door and kissed him on the lips. He'd not really kissed that way before, but he wanted more of it!

Mary's character got killed off two hours into the game. She laughed it off, pretended to be drunker than she was so that she could get closer to him. Jim was drunk already. She'd noticed him getting his words mixed up half an hour ago. She'd pushed him to 'drink up!' So that she could get him to drink more that he wanted to. As he stumbled to the toilet, she knew it was the right time to get the food out.
There was very little in his fridge or in his cupboards to tempt him with. A small piece of mouldy cheese and half a packet of crackers was no good. She was pleased she'd brought a big bag of crisps and some snack size chocolate bars along with her. She got them out of the car and put all the crisps into a bowl. That way, Jim would not know how many he was eating.
She topped up his glass with the last of the beer, ready for him coming out of the toilet.
His eyes were glazed, she noticed as she got out her phone and started to take pictures. She prentended they were fun snaps. She took pictures of him fooling around in the door frame, messing about on the floor as he tried to put his game away. She even got him to take off his top exhuberantly. She didn't get off that easily! Jim insisted on taking pictures of her messing about as well.
Mary pretended to be as drunk as he was. She could easily delete all the pictures of her later.
She had no idea how she'd managed to get him on the scales, just in his boxer shorts, but she did. And she got a clear view of the reading on there.
He picked up his beer glass again, dancing and singing off key. He saw the crisps and dipped his hand into them. She even got a picture of him as he started his first ever food binge. She said nothing as he ate crisp after crisp, hardly knowing what he was doing. She pushed the bowl closer to him until he had eaten the whole lot. That was one big family bag of crisps gone! Plus, three and a half cans of lager! That deserved a reward!
She smothered him with kisses, pushing him onto his back. She lay on top of him, leaning into his groin, feeling him stiffen and harden underneath her. She pushed a hand into his boxers, just to make sure. Pretty soon they were making love on the carpet in front of the gas fire.
Mary ended up staying the night. She'd had too much to drink to risk driving. But in the morning, she left good and early so as not to inconvenience him. She would have liked to stay, she would have made him a substantial breakfast, prepared him a descent packed lunch, but it was still every early in their relationship. She did not want to highlight what she did not want him to know.

The next morning, jimmy woke alone. He was vaguely aware of Mary leaving early. His head was thumping and his mouth felt like the bottom of a budgie cage! He felt the gas in his gut churn and bubble. He groaned with the hangover, but then he realised what else had happened! He was no longer a virgin! His face spread into a broad smile. He wondered when Mary could come over again.
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Aquarius64 6 years
I think the author might have been distracted from a nuisance phone call and lost their train of thought when writing.
Giantjay 7 years
Wow, Chapter 23 took a really fast, sudden, dark turn... Considering how methodically the previous parts were, this doesn't feel like the same story.
Giantjay 7 years
Lots of potential here, I look forward to lots of character development! smiley
FrecherTyp 7 years
Oh cute beginning and some interesting characters :-)