circus fat girl

chapter 1

The Tilling family had lived in the same cottage for generations. They were a humble family that made their living farming a small patch of land. The Tillings were poor but had earned a reputation in the town as hardworking and likable folks.

Mr. Tilling, a widower, had done his best to instill the long time family value of modesty into his three daughters. But no matter what he did or said, his youngest daughter, Lana, maintained an heir of arrogance. She was by far the prettiest of the sisters, some thought she was the prettiest in town, and she imagined that her life as a Tilling was only temporary. Lana was confident that her beauty would win her the affection of a nobleman, who would shower her with material gifts that would enhance her beauty still further.

Lana's lazy and carefree lifestyle was interrupted when Mr. Tilling took a wife. The new Mrs. Tilling was filled with envy when she saw Lana, naturally beautiful as the dawn, squandering her days away while her sisters tended to their land. That girl will work, Mrs. Tilling thought to herself, and decided right then and there that things were going to change for their little family.

Lana ignored her stepmother's orders that she help out like everyone else. Mr. Tilling watched his wife grow frustrated and angry. Mrs. Tilling begged her husband to marry her off, get her out of their hair, but he couldn't bear the thought for a girl so young. Eventually Mrs. Tilling came up with another idea. "The traveling circus is in town," she told her husband. "And they are looking for new talent. I know because my good friend travels with them. Let us send her with them, let her travel the world for a year, working hard. It will be one less mouth for us to feed. It'll teach the girl about hard work and she will be looked after by my good friend." Having watched his daughter give his wife such trouble for so many weeks now, Mr. Tilling had little choice but to agree.

The next day Mrs. Tilling brought Lana into town. She told her they were going to market but instead she led Lana to the colorful circus tent.

"Why hello there, Mrs. Tilling," her friend Serene, a sleek, retired acrobat, emerged to greet them. "Is this her? Our newest talent?"

Lana snorted. "You must have me mistaken."

"It's her all right," Mrs. Tilling said with disgust. "How soon can you put her to work?"

"Well," Serene looked at the girl carefully. "It'll be 6 months before she's, uh, fit for the role." She winked. Mrs. Tilling was well aware what sort of employee the circus was seeking, and although Lana was far from the perfect candidate at present, she had been offered to them to do with as they wished for free.

"What are you two talking about?" Lana demanded.

"Your father and I have sold you to the circus," her stepmother informed her coolly. "You will travel with them and do as they say for one full year. When you're back in town, we will consider letting you come home again, provided you are very well behaved for my friend Serene here and do everything exactly as you're told." The older women regarded Lana's spoiled stamping of her feet and screaming with distaste. "I can see why you wanted her off your hands," Serene sympathized. At her command a group of the traveling performers appeared. She instructed 4 of the fittest male acrobats to lock Lana in one of the animal cages where she would begin her training.

After Lana was tuckered out from screaming, Serene sat by her cage and explained what her new role was to be.

"Every circus needs a fat lady and she, my dear, is going to be you." Serene looked cheerful.

"I'm nowhere near fat," Lana spat.

"Well that won't do for our new fat lady, now will it? You've got to be very big indeed if you're to entertain our audience! Not just a regular fat lady, no, my dear, you are going to become a behemoth! A whopping whale of a girl!"

Lana laughed. "I would NEVER."

"I thought you might say that." Serene clapped her hands, summoning one of the gypsies that traveled with them, telling fortunes for coins at intermissions. Diamond wore a patchwork dress with a wide hem and rows of bangles on her slender arms. Diamond, as Lana was soon to find out, was a very gifted hypnotist.

"My, she's a vain little mouse," Diamond declared as she peered into the girl's big blue eyes. "I can tell things about people," she explained. "And I can tell you that being our fat lady will be good for your soul."

"I will never-"

But Diamond, who had already locked eyes with Lana, merely spoke over her. She instructed Lana to eat and drink all that was put before her, stopping only when to eat more would induce illness.

Lana watched in horror as a tray of fattening cream puffs and pies was pushed in through a slot in her cage. Her horror intensified as she devoured one pastry after another. The voice in her head was screaming to stop. No! Don't! Put that down! STOP! But she was unable to break the spell Diamond had cast on her.

"Don't forget your drink. A nice, tasty weight gain milkshake to wash everything down!" Serene handed her a frothy, overflowing beverage through the bars and laughed as she gulped it down. "There's a good girl."

Now both Diamond and Serene hovered by her cage, watching approvingly as she began the destruction of her perfect figure with gusto. "Make sure you enjoy that tight little body of yours while you can," Serene advised. "It's going to be tough for a girl like you. To lose that flat stomach and perfectly taught skin. Soon enough that hourglass will be buried in blubber, never to be seen again." Lana trembled with rage but found herself incapable of any action that didn't involve stuffing her face.

"Don't worry, Lana, dear," Diamond soothed. "Don't worry little piglet Lana. You are going to be a very happy hog one day."

Weeks passed. Lana was eating more or less nonstop and slowly ripping the seams of the dress she'd come in. Her pretty face was coated in a layer of softness that threatened to obscure her delicate features. Her arms, once agile like a ballerinas, had grown puffy and strained against the hem of her short ruffled sleeves. Her bosom was forcing its way out of the neckline and even her waist, once so enviably narrow, was now rounded and curved out instead of in. Lana was grateful for her stockings, stretched thin by but still covering her chubby white thighs.

At first Diamond had had to keep the girl hypnotized to get her started on the path to her well rounded state. But as she began to grow so did her appetite. Diamond knew that the girl wanted to eat. She didn't want to get fat, but she had no choice in the matter. After that was made clear to her, that she was to become as fat as can be and there was nothing she could do about it, she stopped fighting back for the most part.

Serene was quite pleased by how her project was coming along. Lana was big enough now that she could be introduced to the other circus performers as the new fat lady in training without calling Serene's judgement in choosing talent into question. Now, the girl clearly had potential. She just needed a little time to blossom.

Serene explained the situation to her staff carefully. True, Lana was technically being held against her will, but she came from a poor family and had been offered to the circus in exchange for the food and shelter they were providing her. No, she didn't care for it but she was too young to know what's best for her. For a poor, small town girl, a job as the circus fat lady was really a decent position in the world.

Many of the other performers relished helping Lana adapt to her new role. The handsome young lion tamer, for one, thought she was cute and a pity to ruin her figure, but he agreed it had to be done so he did his part. He knew that girls tended to like him and they tended to like sweets, so he combined the two. He'd come sit by the edge of her cage and feed her bon bons and chocolates. He flattered her in earnest, telling her of her classic and timeless beauty. As her feminine curves turned to sloppy indistinct rolls, and her shape lost its definition, those words became harder for him to find. Her striking good looks had morphed into something excessively soft and piggish. He began to find her more cute than pretty and took to pinching her cheeks. He started telling her how nice and round she was. He praised her for finishing her meals, proud of her for accepting her destiny. He even nicknamed her Princess Piggy, much to her private shock and dismay.

The ring master, with his great booming voice and quick wit, was eager to get her ready to put on display. "The show must go on!" He'd say and stuff her mouth full of candies. He was fond of poking his staff between the bars and using it to press on her dome shaped middle. "Well if you aren't getting a great big belly on you after all!" He'd declare more and more often, finding her midsection softer and deeper by the day.

The female acrobats adored the whole ordeal, probably because of the competitive nature of acrobatics. From the time they were girls they'd been taught to strive to be leaner, firmer, and tighter than the girl next to them. They relished the opportunity to eliminate such a strong competitor in the beauty department. Three or four of them would gather by Lana's cage after practice, their sleek musculatures glistening with effort and athleticism. "I want to make sure she's gaining fast enough," they'd explain to each other, not wanting to appear to enjoy feeding the soft girl too, too much. Lana dutifully opened her mouth as they fed her all manner of fattening treats. She knew if she refused they'd only call Diamond over to hypnotize her.

"God," one acrobat crooned as she and her friend spoonfed Lana rich slabs of cheesecake. "Can you imagine eating something so decadent? I could never!"

"I could never either," her companion agreed. "Too rich. And much too fatteni
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This story is amazing. Each chapter is better and better. The ending is incredibly brutal, the father watching on an clapping whilst her friends watch and cheer. Hot damn. Thank you for the fun read
bikochico 6 months
Excellent. Seriously, this is one of my favorite weight gain stories of all time. I don't suppose there's any chance you could continue this is there? I'd love to see a chapter where she has to face her step mother again.
They said at the beginning that her family would take her back if she was well behaved enough. There should totally be a sequel about her spending another year with the circus, meeting new people, reaching new weights, etc.
Nok 8 months
Great writing. That first chapter is extremely intense. The descriptions of her forced fall, before, during, and after. The height of erotic schadenfreude. Astoundingly piercing and rapidly-developed tension.
jed2020 10 months
I love this story so much, great work, please write more.!!!
chrisart 11 months
I had to read this again.
enjoyed immensely
Tommmy 11 months
Please Continue with very soon
itís great
This story is as finely layered as Lana's blubber!
What a beautiful job you do of capturing so much of the ambiguities and emotions of weight gain!

You've helped me with my weight-gain story fix for the day!
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I absolutely adore this.
Poor lardy little Lana. She might've lost her looks and her admirers, not to mention her dignity, but at least she'll always have a lot of food to make her feel better. This was such a great read.
Jess41 1 year
Great story, really enjoyed it ☺️
This is gorgeously written
Only thing I'm not happy about is that it's over. Excellent job.
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I really liked this. You are very descriptive. I was about to create a visual in my mind from how you write. The first page was my favorite for description.
I wish you could continue this one.
Great story idea. Hilarious and enjoyable. Well done.