the roommate

chapter 1 - the first morning

My eyes were closed, and I was too sleepy to move my body, but I was awake. Awake and listening to the bloody annoying sound of the birds that wake me every summer morning at around 6am.
Apparently Jenny is woken too, because I can hear clattering in the kitchen.
I would seriously love to know why anyone would get out of bed at 6am when they're three days into the summer holidays! Relaxing time, anyone?
I hear a soft knock on my door. "Maia? Did I hear you muttering about the birds? I know, they're awful. Come on, are you awake?"
I groan in response. "Yeah, but barely."
"I have a surprise for you."
"At 6am? Jenny, can't it wait till later?"
"I think you'll find something is different by that time."
"What do you mean?"
"Sit up."
"Fine" I curse quietly in frustration, then lift my body to sit up, eyes still closed to avoid the light from the window.
But I can't sit up.
My eyes fling open in confusion, then I look at my arms that have suddenly refused to move any further.
What the fuck?!
Handcuffs...on both my bed?
I must be dreaming.
I blink and squeeze my eyes shut really tight, then open them again.
Nothings changed.
"Jenny, what the hell is this? Why am I chained to my bed?! JENNY?!"
Shes smirking at me with a sexy, Fierce look on her face.
Wait. I didn't just I'm not attracted to Jenny! Where did this come from? I must be going bloody mad.
"Maia, I have something to tell you."
"Well, you have my damn attention now, don't you?"
She smirks in that hot way again, and despite my overwhelming bewilderment, I actually find myself slightly turned on at the idea of being chained to a bed.
I don't know why. Im definitely losing it.
"Maia, I'm bisexual. And a feeder."
I dont hear the last part , because I'm already trying to process he first bit and come up with something to say that will make sure she knows I'm 100% fine with whatever sexuality she is, no big deal.
"Jenny, it doesn't matter to me what sexuality you are. It doesn't affect me in - "
"Oh, but you must understand I'm wildly attracted to you" she purrs, sitting her (I can't believe I'm saying this) tight, sexy ass next to me and leaning in close, stroking her hand down my cleavage, over my flat stomach, and down to my pussy. I moan softly as she rubs my clothes gently through my pyjama shorts.
"Wow, Maia, I think your turned on by this stuff, huh?" She laughs gently and I feel my cheeks heat up.
"What? How do -"
I look down and see my pyjama shorts are soaking wet around my pussy.
Damn. I wish she wasn't so good with her hands.
"Okay, so, maybe
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Akwolfgrl13 11 months
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Very short .But.A Unique plot and really good characters! And your spelling is good except for "you're ".I mean anyone who spells "they're " correctly can surely get you're. Lol
Excellent start!