chapter 1

I have been dating Charlotte for almost 5 years, and I've decided to take her on a romantic getaway. I plan to propose to her while we are on vacation. I couldn't wait. My mother and a few of her friends helped me pick out an engagement ring for her, and I'm so excited to pop the question while we're on our vacation. Charlotte has no idea I'm going to propose, she thinks I've planned this trip 'just because'. I decided to hit the gym for one last time before we headed off, so I spent extra long there just so I could show off my ripped body at the beach and the pool. The following day, we left for our vacation in Hawaii. I was pumped. So was Charlotte. We arrived in Hawaii that night, and she chose a place to eat. She chose a really nice place right by the water, where we had a big dinner and then walked along the beach for an hour or so. I wasn't sure when I was going to propose, but I don't think I'm ready to do it just yet. We got back to our hotel room, and I was too full to eat any dessert, so I headed straight to bed. But before I got there, Charlotte asked me if I wanted to share a cake with her. I told her my situation, I would probably pop if I had another bite to eat. She insisted, and I gave in and had three slices of a delicious sponge cake. I figured it wouldn't do too much damage as my metabolism has always been great and the fact that I'd hit the gym in the morning. Right after we finished off the cake, we both went to bed together. I lay there, my stomach aching, for what felt like hours, until Charlotte realised just how full I was. She moved closer to me and started rubbing my belly. It was a weird feeling. I'd never had a belly for anyone to rub. I think I liked it. She rubbed my swollen stomach for about half an hour before I drifted off. The next morning, we woke up at about 11am. My belly had deflated significantly, but my abs didn't seem as defined as they used to be. I had planned to go to the gym at 9, but since I woke up at 11 we went straight to breakfast and I had to skip my morning workout.
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billedmeup 11 months
Very fun story. I love a male virgin weight gain tale. It reminds me of this oldie from the Dimension days: