slice of tummy life

chapter 1

With three large gulps, the rotund woman finishes off the last of her drink. She is an impressive sight, with wide hips and huge breasts resting a very round and smooth belly that dominates her frame. She only had a tight t-shirt on riding up her taut gut, the rest of her clothes having long been discarded for cutting into her soft features. Throwing the cup in the sink, she opened the refrigerator.

"Ugh... nothing left," she said with a frustrated huff, staring into the mostly empty white box. She had been stuffing herself all day and now was paying the price - not in a tummy ache, not in the inability to stand and waddle around, but by having nothing left in the house to eat. The only consolation was that, keeping the fridge door open like this, a nice cool breeze drifted over her round, hot, and packed tummy. That did not, however, appease the beast which let out an angry gurgle.

"Shhh..." she gives her burden an affectionate stroke. "Papa will be back soon to feed Mama. You'll get all the treats soon."

Trying to take her mind off of things, she goes back to the living room and crashes onto the couch. For nearly an hour she flips through unappealing day-time television, absently caressing her belly until she finally hears a key in the lock.

"Hey honey! I'm home."

"Oh thank God! Get in here quick; I feel myself wasting away!"

Coming around the corner, she saw the large arms of a man holding two overflowing bags of groceries and two pizza boxes sitting on top of them. Setting them down on the coffee table, she could now take in the full view of her man - taller than her, certainly broader and more fit, but even he has succumb to her delicious fate and was sporting a starter belly of his own. He smiles down at her corpulent body. "Well, we can't have that, can we?" he asks, flipping open the top pizza box and pulling out a slice for her. "My princess needs to be surrounded by excess to stop that!"

She snatches the whole box and starts chewing as fast as she can. In mere seconds and only four bites the first slice is gone, the next one already lined up for the trip down her gullet. The first of the new meal hits her belly by the time she is on the third slice; painfully from all the other food she had already put away, but knowing she has room from her time to digest.

As she finished the first half of pizza, she let out a massive belch. "Oooo... you're a good servant. Leave the other one and put up the groceries."

"Oh, the second pizza is for me."

"What, really?" she asks bemused. "Then what are we going to do about dinner?"

"Lasagna," he responds, pulling out a large tray of the frozen dish.

"Ah! Good thing I was craving Italian today," she says with a wink.

While she gets back to work on her pizza, he finishes putting the groceries away. Just as she finishes and starts eyeing the other one, he is back, handing her a bag of chips. "That should tide you over."

"Yup!" she rips open the bag and starts going at them while he sits and calmly starts to work on his own meal. Glancing over at him, she sees how carefully he's working through the box. "No no no!" she pouts. "If you wanna eat real good, you have to go fast!"

"You're an expert, but I'm new. I do better with slow and steady." He places a slice on top of her belly, letting the grease slowly ooze down her sides. "Like this..." He kisses her lovehandles and starts moving upward, licking up the grease until he reaches the pizza. Taking a bite, he starts slowly working though it as his hands massage her ball of overindulgence.

She can't help but giggle, loving when he plays with his food. Another long burp escapes her throat and she giggles again. "Say, have you weighed yourself lately?"

"No; and neither have you."

Her hands reached out for him to take. "Let's see then, shall we?"

Lifting her up, a task rapidly becoming harder as he lost muscle and she gained adipose, the two make their way to the bathroom and the digital scale. She eyes him up and down. "Clothes off!"

Without complaint, he throws off his shirt and pants and steps on the scale. After calculating for a moment, it comes back with a reading of 192.3.

"Oh wow! Nearly 10 pounds in two weeks!" He gives his belly a pat. "Sedentary life is agreeing with me."

"My turn! My turn!" she playfully says while pushing him off and stepping up. This time the scale takes longer to calibrate but has a number for her.

"253.6! At 5'2" that makes me..." she works some quick math in the air. "Over 100 pounds overweight!"

"And to think you started at 120," he said, bulge in his underwear growing slightly. "Who knew you would be such a good chubby bunny?"

"Chubby? I'm fucking fat! I'm a prized cow eating everything around me!"

A ding rings out from the kitchen. "Ooo! Lasagna time!"
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