chapter 1

Valery have always love food, its a shame that she is poor as fuck, her parents died when she was 12 years old, she is now 16, she was VERY slim, after her parents dead she was alone, at least she had a little house in the forest, she didnt know how to hunt or make tramps for animals, this years she was surviving by eating fruits, dead animal or food from good people who helped her, one day she woke up very hungry and there was nothing in the house, not even fruits, she went to the forest to look for food, hours passed and there was nothing to eat, at night she knew that her house was far and it was very dark so she decided to sleep in a tall tree she found, when she climbed it she saw a little light far, she thought that maybe she could remenber where it was and look for it the next day.
When she woke up she went fast to the light she saw to return early to his little house, after searching for the light finally she found a house, not big but it was beautiful with nice flowers outside, she saw there wasdonutndow in front of a table inside the house, in the table were a bowl full of donuts, Valery couldnt resist, she hasnt eat anything in almost 3 days, so, she stole one very quiet and ate it, in less than 10 seconds she ate it,and then she heared a scream from an old lady saying to her cat yo dont eat the damn donuts, Valery was very hungry to get out of there so she tried to reach another donut, she wasnt so lucky this time the old lady saw her, Valery tried to scape but she was so weak and the lady catch her but she didnt get angry she just told Valery that if she want she could eat in her house if she wanted and she insisted, Valery thought that it will be alright and to apologize with the lady, she could maybr get some bread for next day in her poor little house, but the old lady had other plans for Valery, she clearly needed to look like a good lady if she wanted that Valery staied, when Valery entered the house the lady and saw a lot of deliscious food and she didnt resist, she was very hungry, and she eat and eat till she was full, the old lady told her to sleep in the coach she had and Valery had no option, her little poor house was so far and outside was very dark, she had to sleep there.
When Valery fall sleep the old lady throw an spell to destroy his metabolism, the witch wanted to fatten her up.
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