it began with one meal

chapter 1

It all started with just one meal...

Joycelyn, a woman I had met online, invited me to come over to her place for a friendly dinner date. She had just finished it when I had arrived, leaving a strong smell of Italian food drifting in the air. After sitting at the table she set my meal in front of me, and I had noticed she had given me quite a generous portion of food on my plate, especially compared to hers. After my second helping, I was quite full and about to leave when Joycelyn bought out a large chocolate cake for dessert. After some insisting on her part, I had ended up achingly stuffed, though she was more than happy to massage my stomach to help with it. This is how it all began, and after a few more dinner dates, her cooking was showing on my figure, my body plumping up from her dinners and desserts. It wasn't too long after when she suggested that since we got along well, I should move in. It turned out that her place had quite a few spare rooms and she was looking for others to live there as well.

A week later, I had moved into one of the rooms, and with Joycelyn as a housemate, I was now eating her cooking for every meal. The regular large meals from her had me growing at a steady pace. From time to time I would be concerned about my weight and worry I was getting too fat, but after some cooing, encouragement, and insisting from Joycelyn, I would just end up stuffed to the point of borderline comatose. After a few weeks of this, I had noticed a few others joining me for meals one day, two women and a guy, they had just moved in and would be living here as I was. From how fat they already were, I could only assume they had been meeting up with Joycelyn for a little while now and just received the same invitation she previously gave me.
Fast forward a little bit and I, like the others, had grown VERY fat, with a thick double chin, a large and soft pair of moobs, a round ball of a gut hanging to my wide fattened thighs, a rear on the verge of outgrowing any normal chair, and hefty, doughy arms. The others had grown in their own ways, some were more hip and rear heavy, some belly or chest heavy. We had several more housemates join us, a few had joined Jocelyn in the kitchen cooking the meals, the others were growing and fattening up, not too far behind me and the others who had been here a while. It was quite clear that we had no ability to resist Jocelyn's cooking, and our regular glutton habits and stuffings had left most of us craving her meals even more. We were her essentially her playthings ready to be fed and fattened to her hearts content by her and her fellow feeders

Now we reach the here and now. After living here for a few years, I, like the others, have grown IMMENSE. I can't turn my head without feeling the thick roll of fat that is my neck press against my large triple chin and fat cheeks, my moobs have grown large and plump enough to be compared to cantaloupes, but remain soft enough to swallow the hands of anyone who squeezes them, my gut has grown a couple feet outward and has developed a sizable upper roll. When standing, my gut hangs past my knees and occasionally brushes against the tops of my feet, when sitting, it spreads out and hangs over my knees. The size of my stomach has also made it my own personal table when I sit down, as it is impossible to reach the table without it pressing into my stomach and the upper belly roll sitting on the table taking up a good foot and a half of table space in front of me. My rear and thighs had grown large and round as oversized medicine balls requiring the space of three seats for me to sit down. My arms and legs have grown quite a bit too, with the fat from my upper arm and thighs having grown so much that they folded over and completely cover my elbows and knees, likewise the fat from my forearms and calves have swallowed up my wrists and ankles and have begun to swallow up my hands and feet, with some of the fat covering my ankles laying against the ground itself. Even my hands and feet have puffed up, with my fingers and toes looking like thick sausages. While everyone else also grew a similar amount, their figures are vastly different, Mike, one of the men who moved in early on, has a stomach easily reached the floor and requires aid to lift it and move around, Trish, one of the first two women who moved in, is barely able to fit in two seats, but has gown pretty evenly except for her breasts, which may be setting a world record for their size, between her breasts and belly she can barely reach the table and often uses her breast as a personal table much like how I use my belly. Then there's Cassie and Katrina, who both, while having grown a lot on their upper bodies, have utterly ballooned outward with their lower bodies, and having to use twin beds instead of multiple chairs to sit down. And those are only a few examples of those who have been fattened up by Joycelyn and the other feeders, and it's easy to see how we've come to let them, with the hedonistic lifestyle they give us, letting us eat all we want, massaging, groping and fondling us, even pleasuring us if we really stuff ourselves at meals. My life, much like the others here, has become a routine of: waking up, rocking my large body to roll it out of bed, struggling just to get a pair of boxers and pants on while having given up on bothering with shirts long ago, waddling down to the dining room and eating a large breakfast that left me drowsy, then lounging on the couch watching tv or playing games, until it was time to eat lunch, which was sometimes brought to me on the couch and Joycelyn or one of the other female feeders will stuff me until I can't even stand from how heavy I am with the food in me, then either napping off the immobilizing lunch or engaging in some form of exercise like walking or maybe swimming in the backyard pool, to maintain what little mobility I had left, followed by eating an enormous dinner with dessert, then all of us getting bathed together with the others so the feeders could help clean us since most of us were too fat to reach some areas on ourselves. And finally heaving my large body to bed to do it all over again.

To think this all started with just one meal, and now I'm living in a happy little slice of paradise
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Sweet dreams! I wanna be Jouycelyn!