fat rapunzel

chapter 1: discovering the tower

There was a man named Flynn, he was the sort of person who liked exploring. He found lots of hidden areas and unique stuff. Anyway, one day Flynn decided to go deep in the forest, the forest was gigantic. There had to be lots of stuff to find in there. Flynn walked in, it was pretty dark since the trees covered the sunlight.

Its been about 2 hours, looking around deep in this vast forest. Everything was so green and brightly colored, Flynn loved nature. Then suddenly in the distance he noticed a bright sunlight coming through at the end that had to be the end. Flynn ran to the end going to blinding sunlight. Finally adjusting he was out of the forest. Flynn looked up shocked.
He saw this tower, looked kinda creepy..
He was looking around to find a way up, but there's no way! This tower was very tall, and looks to be really old from the outside at least. There was only one window at the top of the tower and was open. "Hello!" Flynn said to see if anyone was inside. No answer. "Anyone in there?" He said again. Until suddenly, Beautiful blond/golden hair popped out of the window. It was extremely long! Flynn was so surprised and couldn't even comprehend this. Then, a voice was heard. "Hello? Climb on up" it said. Flynn then realized the voice wanted him.to climb up, he put his feet on the tower and holding the hair. Then started to climb. As approaching the window, he heard the voice again. "Ugh Im so hungry.." it said. Flynn was so confused, he still wasn't sure who that was. Flynn had made it to the top and climbed in the window to shockingly see this huge, fat woman! She had extremely long hair, gorgeous green eyes and a huge jiggly belly. Her thighs were so gigantic too they were, her arms were so fat too. And cute plump little fingers.and noticed her massive body on this bed just barely holding her weight. Her clothes were basically ripped from being to big. She had to be around 300 pounds! Flynn didnt realize she was such a huge beautiful woman, he started to blush, Flynn was the guy who loved big woman, everyone in his village were so skinny and that didn't do it for him. The woman then said smiling "Im Rapunzel Im a princess" she said all giggly. Flynn then replied "Im Flynn, Im ...um ...so confused, why are you here?" . The Beautiful fat Princess then said "Well, you see I came from a royal family, they didn't allow me to do anything! They controlled Everything for me, what I look like, what I have to do" she continued but all I ever wanted to do was just lay in bed and stuff myself, I LOVE food" she laughed. Flynn was laughing abit too. "Anyway, my father didn't allow me to be the girl I want to be, so I ran away to this tower, this tower is magical.." Flynn looked at her confusingly "How so? He asked. Rapunzel then said, "it gives supplies on food, and a huge bed! And books for me to read! " she smiled at him. "So now you see, I gotten really fat, Im a greedy princess." She laughed. "You're quite beautiful too.." he whispered shyly. Looking around Flynn noticed all the used wrappers and boxes from all the food she has eaten. It was all over the place and noticed theres still crumbs on her huge breasts, they were really big too.. wobbling everytime she moved. Rapunzel then said "so..um.. would you like to feed me? Im such a greedy princess you know." She said, smiling at Flynn looking into his eyes with her adorable green eyes, biting her lip. Flynn then replied "of course I do... I love how fuckin' big you are.." he blushed more. Rapunzel replied "oh? Not many big girls where you live either huh? " She said with a grin biting her lip again. "Nope.." Flynn said. "Well come feed your fat princess, Flynn! Im starving!" She yelled excitedly.
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JY99 10 months
Okay, Im not really good at this yet, So thanks for the feedback smiley
fluffylove 10 months
This is a good star, be more descriptive about her body, and the way the fat hangs off of her.