first stuffings

chapter 1

I stuffed myself for the first time three nights ago. I'm away from home teaching at a camp and I stayed here between weeks. My cabin was empty and I knew I wanted to be naughty. All week I had been writing erotic weight gain stories, looking at porn, checking out the feedist forums, and above all else, imagining myself gaining weight. The amount varies. Sometimes, fifty pounds, sometimes a hundred. Sometimes I imagine myself so large that I can do nothing but eat myself fatter.

When I realized that I would be alone on Saturday, the thought of stuffing myself became very appealing. I had never really done it properly before, only just small stuffings when I've padded myself in the past. This was going to be different. It was just me, my belly, and the food. Food is not super easy to come by. There are no convenience stores and very little food is available to take out of the cafeteria. I ended up finding a souvenir stand that sold small bags of chips and candy. Not wanting to raise too much suspicion, I purchased four bags of chips and an aero bar over two separate visits to the store. These goodies sat in my dresser for two days, tempting me and causing me agony over the anticipation of my big stuffing.

When the day finally came, the hours dragged by. I took a few pre stuffing pictures to give myself a reference point later. Finally dinner time arrived and I purposefully arrived late. I ate my spaghetti and meatballs and small side salad, covered in ranch. I waited for all the staff and counsellors to leave and I wrapped up a large piece of cake and a piece of cobbler. More additions to the stuffing. Making my way back to the cabin, I was filled with anticipation. My stomach was absolutely filled with butterflies.

I set all my food out. I was already a little full from dinner, but I was determined to eat everything. I took my shirt off and plopped down on the bed. The first selection was a bag of chips. From the first bite, I felt an incredible feeling arise in me like nothing is felt before. I had been taken over by an insatiable lust for devouring food. The chips, just regular ordinary chips, tasted divine. I ate delicately at first, one chip at a time. Before long, I was stuffing the salty fatty treats in my mouth, allowing for crumbs to fall everywhere. After two bags, I needed to inspect my body in the mirror. I massaged my distended belly as I stroked my incredibly erect penis. Jiggling my small amount of fat around gave me chills. I needed more.

The chocolate bar came next. I was standing when I took my first bite and I felt like I was going to collapse out of sheer ecstasy from the sweet taste of the chocolate. It was like I'd never had chocolate before. I savoy red every bite, yearning for more when the bar was finished. To satiate my lust for sweets, I unwrapped the goodies I had taken from the cafeteria, placed them on the bed, and started eating the, like a farm animal. I was grunting and moaning as I quickly ate half of the sweets before sitting up again to eat the remaining chips. I couldn't get the food in my mouth fast enough. Crumbs were getting everywhere, but I didn't care. When the chips were gone, I attacked the sweets again, this time taking no prisoner. I was ravenous. I ate the sweets so quickly that I ended up eating small pieces of napkin as well.

All finished, I surveyed the damage. I looked bloated, but not as fat as I wanted to look. I was worried that I was not going to be able to finish all the food, now I wanted to eat more. Unfortunately. No food was available to me. As I stroked my rock hard cock, I affirmed how hot the whole evening had been, telling myself. "You're gonna get so fat. It's an inevitability. This was so fucking hot, you're not going to be able to resist. How big are you gonna get, fatty. 300? 350? 400? Why stop there? You know you'd like to be absolutely covered in fat."

I spent the rest of the evening taking pictures of myself, absolutely destroying a pair of shorts with my bloated belly, and padding myself as best as I could. All before cumming hard several times.

The next morning, I looked at my pictures and thought back on the evening. Immediately, I went to the bathroom to masturbate again. Throughout the day, I thought about my stuffing. How hot it was. How right it felt. How easy it would be to slip into obesity. I thought of gaining forty pounds by Christmas, bringing me close to 300. I fantasized about being that fat. I wanted to take the plunge.

Yet still, I was unsure of things. Getting fat would drastically affect my personal and professional life. Could I stand that? Would my wife understand? Would she still find me attractive? These thoughts continue to swirl in my head, although I've almost come to terms with the fact that I'm probably gonna get fat one day, but I just don't know when or how quickly. I have fantasized about my wife becoming my feeder, stuffing me until I'm as heavy as she is. Two super sized fatties feeding and fucking. The thought is exhilarating, but my wife isn't into feedism, so it's just a fantasy. She was fat before we even met and to my delight, has only gotten fatter with our four years of marriage. She is now in the vicinity of 400 pounds and I long for her to crush my face with her flabby ass. I want to grope her belly. I want to *** up the ass while she feeds herself fatty treats. I also want to be fat while we're doing all of this.

I am trying to think of the best way to tell her about my kink, but I don't know if she'll understand. I think about getting fat and how she'll react to that. It all swirls around my head, keeping me up at night and distracting me in my downtime.

Today, I was tempted to feed again and I chose not to resist. I waited until the faculty dining room was empty and I wrapped up a massive chunk of cobbler. It probably could have fed 5 people. The food weighed well over a pound and the idea of stuffing it all in my face, made me excited. I grabbed two sugar cookies from dinner as well to enhance the session. I didn't hold back at dinner either. My tray was full of a meatball sub, a salad with black beans and ranch dressing on top, strawberries, blueberries, and an ice cream sandwich for dessert.

I had to wait another three hours before I could stuff myself, but I was more than ready to dive in. I knew that I would have a couple of hours before my cabin mates would return, so I felt assured no one would catch me pigging out.. Like last time, the first bite sent me into overdrive. I could taste the butter in the cookies. I yearned for it to make me fat. I unwrapped the cobbler and was reminded of how greedy I had been when I packed it up. The thought made me so horny and hungry. I polished it off in short order and rubbed my belly in satisfaction when it was all gone. This time I felt stuffed, although I knew I could have eaten more if it were available, although I would have preferred something savory by that point. The sweets were delicious, but I've always loved eating savory foods over sweets.

I drank a bunch of water to help bloat my belly even more, and I was not disappointed with the results. I looked bigger than I did in the previous section. My belly looked bigger than it had ever looked before and I couldn't stop touching it and taking picture of it. I must have taken over a hundred pictures from every conceivable angle, looking for the most fattening of shots. My belly excited me. I wanted to be fat even more than I had before. I imagined my belly hanging far down legs. I cradled my arms imagining that I was carrying my massive flabby belly. I though about my body becoming wider. I wanted my ass to grow fatter, my thighs, everything had to be fatter. I looked through my pictures several times, paring my list down to the best of the best, all to be posted on fantasy feeder.

Now I sit in my bed writing down my experience as something of a therapeutic exercise. Writing down my thoughts only affirms my future fatness, the only question is when will I finally take the plunge?
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This kind of story is always so welcome here! Nicely done.
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