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a sight to behold (boring plot setup)


"The name is Mark, and you are?" "I'm Maggie." She was absolutely gorgeous. Thin waist, round butt, and some sizeable breasts. She had dyed red hair, and brown eyes. Her face was round in shape, and it seemed she was pear shaped.
"Let's go." said Todd. Todd was a new friend of mine, who I met awhile back. We went outside into the cold air, for it was October.
"I saw you eyeing up and down at my sister." Todd said in a suspicious tone.
"My eyes may have wandered once or twice. Why? What's it to you?" I replied as if I wasn't interested.
"Well first of all she's my sister, so I'd say it is my concern. Second, she's been looking for someone to talk to, and I think you could be that guy." Todd explained.
"HELL YEAH!!!!" I thought in my head. In reality I just told him "I suppose I could, yes. Give her number."

(In order to avoid boring filler, I'm going to time jump a month)


Maggie and I have been talking for a month now, and things are really starting to heat up. We've been more flirty with eachother. Her Volleyball season just ended, so hopefully I get to see her more often. I haven't seen her in a week, probably cause we've both been really busy. She told me she was stressed with work.
Today was the day we were going out for some cheesecake. I wouldn't classify it as a date, because we aren't really dating yet. I finally arrived at her house to pick her up. She walked out...
Something was different, yet sexier about her. I couldn't tell what it was. She sat down in the passenger seat. She leaned over to hug me and say hello. Her cleavage was clearly visible.
"Sorry I took so long, my jeans weren't cooperating." She told me shaking her head.
Of course! That's what was different, she put on a few. But why did I find that attractive? Was it some undiscovered fetish I had? She was the same Maggie, yet her boobs were average sized now. Her hips may have been wider than her shoulders. I looked down to see that her shirt was snug around her waist to reveal a little chub. Her belly wasn't the only thing that got chubby if you know what I mean. (I was getting hard)
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Thicc 8 months
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.
Observer10 8 months
Fine tale which proves the pint that realistic stories don't need artifices like weight gain powder, magic and bondage to be appealing. Hope to see more works from you!
LevelUP 9 months
Really good work ! smiley i think Mark can add gain powder in her plates or other thing like that and make her ass huge smiley smiley
Sam Johnson 9 months
Great start, keep up the good work! 👍